Alani is why I hate playing games like this

Because you get to like a new character like this, I think playing her I super fun, you get to liking the character a lot, and then all the kitty baby whiners come out and call for nerfs. Happens in damn near every game now. Boo hoo, the balance of each character isn’t within .01% of each other. Grow up people and quit complaining. She’s not that OP, and she’s fun to play. I’m now afraid to play her after all the complaining I’m seeing on the forums…because I hate getting to know and getting good at playing a certain character and then they are nerfed when they don’t need to be. Seriously. The sense of entitlement from this generation astounds me. Grow up and suck it up and deal. She’s fine how she is!


Yeah shes good at crowd control but not much of a healer. Kleese is better at AOE healing and Miko at constant single target healing.


Isn’t every character in the game a little extra good at one particular thing? Yes. You can’t take away her only useful skill, and you can’t take away her healing, people have become so self entitled this day and age. Not every character has to be balanced perfectly to match the others…otherwise they are just not fun to play, as it all just blends together. These forums are way too full of hate and complaining. This is a great game and GB deserves some credit. Tons more depth then other similar game types in my opinion. This game has something for everyone. Quit complaining so much and just enjoy it. Wow, some of these people should have been playing games when they were on cartridges, when there were no “balance updates”. They’d have cried and cried rivers!


Yea cause a healer that can do 2706 damage in 10 seconds isn’t [redacted]

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I don’t know much about that but I have a stong feeling that Alani build is NO healer AT ALL.


They are gonna keep an eye on all the characters win/lose ratio and other stats, if they outperform a lot of the time they generally will nerf that character. I played a lot of isic and ambra, they both got nerfed, they are both still fun and effective. I also assume the first week each character comes out, they aren’t going to be perfectly balanced since they weren’t in the beta.


I agree. That Alamo isn’t op at all. I just played her in a match of incursion. And obviously I use her wave ark and then all the other team runs away like the wave is going to kill them outright. I mean when you run away from an attack and let the other team push cause you get scared of it. Doesn’t mean she’s op at all. So please stop saying things need nerfs. Get gud. And for once learn how to counter and counter push instead of complaining oh and stop running like chickens her dot doesn’t get added on the wave till lvl 5 and if the othe team is lvl 5 already and your getting wrecked well like I said quit running away and get gud


I think Attikus is still more OP and should be able to take out Alani with ease.

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I only played as her once and against her a few times (well, every match but I only played a few hours), but I’m not seeing anything OP about her. She has some nice CC abilities, a decent but not ridiculous heal (why Miko’s heal not nerfed? Why?), and a decent ult that honestly I wish did more damage.

My opinion might change given time but right now I don’t think she’s OP at all, she seems very well balanced, especially as often new MOBA characters do start out as OP.

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She’s the highest single target healer in the game…
and you’re considering her “not good” because she doesn’t have big AOE healing numbers…

Miko is single target, and you keep them filled up, while being in combat with them. Kleese is a big AOE heal with shield support… Reyna’s the only one that compares to her, but Reyna’s numbers are way too low to compete.

Her healing kit is designed to reach out to a teammate in trouble and fill them back up, which is what she does, better than any other character.

She’s direct competition for Reyna, and she’s better than she is.


I find it very difficult to heal with hear secondary attack. I needs to be charged, it is rather short range, and like a single shot shotgun and the water hit indicator is next to useless.

I played Alani. Her kit is very fun and well done indeed. But I think they need to look for her damage. Support/healer with that damage? I don’t know… kind of weird.


kleese is my favorite. pulse and chains for shield with wheel chair heals. FTW

Well let me tell you about that wave and why they were probably running. BC that wave can be speced to slow you down(for how long? I don’t know BC it doesn’t even tell you,) and between that and geyser ability basically stunning you for three seconds it’s a death sentence if you don’t get some space. Her wave takes up SO much room on the stage and travel through EVERYTHING (bots, other team members , enemy team members) it’s all a person can do to avoid the thing…

But yea, people should just git gud.

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Alani is above average, not OP. She’s not pre-nerf Ambra or Galilea, but she is noticeably stronger than half the roster. Hard CC, huge AOE effects, speed buffs/debuffs, great self-heals, huge AOE ult that when stuck to a player is unaboidable. She is by far my favorite character, and I’m the last person that wants to see her nerfed, but she could use some tweaking. Now that she is public, GBX can monitor her W/L ratio and see if she really needs a nerf. In the meantime, keep your shirt on.

I felt that she was pretty OP the first time I played her, but after playing as a different character (not by choice) I saw she was actually surprisingly easy to overpower, and her healing really isn’t that much of an issue.


Agreed. I’m trying to play with her as much as I can now so when she does get nerfed which unfortunately, I’m sure she will be, I’ll still have had some fun. I’m not exactly sure what everyone is complaining about though. Her primary attach isn’t super fast and isn’t all that powerful. Her self heal is complete garbage (which is fine) and she has to fight just to get a decent, one shot heal in on a teammate. Oh, and she has no shield. I think she’s already pretty well balanced.


Problem being pretty much every game has an Alani on both sides meaning that one will have to lose and another will have to win. Since there is practically one on both teams every match the results would be 50/50.

Alani ~ The warrior monk, a healing controller who is complex. A hybrid / Well balanced in many regards.


Not a good reason not to balance in any situation

Also, seems like a blanket insult and doesn’t even apply. Entilited to what? Play a balanced game?

Regarding alani here are a couple problems for starters…

Geyser does MUCH more than bind you. It imboilizes you for several seconds + can be specked to make the target take additional damage.

Wet blanket - “riptide slows enemies that are hit by it.” IT DOESN’T EVEN SAY FOR HOW LONG.

And it goes through ALL bots and players and speeds up teammates and pushes enemies back and effects ALL enemy players hit by it.

Let put this in perspective.

Reyna can be specked to slow a single target for three seconds a hit.

Benedict can slow someone for 1 second on take off OR push back

Calderus can slow 1 target for three seconds in close combat.

Just to name a few

This characters abilities are above and beyond at least most if not every current character in the game.

Edit: actually there is chacter that has multiple abilities in one like that, Marquis, temporal distoration. Which belongs to one of the biggest damage dealers in the game.