Alani latest nerf was too harsh?

I’ll be honest to start this off. I do happen to have a bias as an Alani main. This is her second nerf that I can take note of remembering and I’ll be honest I agreed with the first nerf. However this latest one seemed a tad extreme to me. I could care less about any of the damage nerfs because yeah she’s a support let’s face it she shouldn’t be doing a bunch of damage. However my old playstyle I loved using was battle Alani and that playstyle is basically impossible to use due to the one part of the nerf I absolutely cannot agree with. The osmosis nerf was ridiculous. I could understand maybe lowering by 50-75 (effectively making her self heal be nerfed by 100-150 respectively) but this nerf was multiple hundreds of healing by the time you hit 3 stacks. her self heal is essentially useless and as a character with no escape move she kind of needed that self heal. Her self heal at 3 stacks is a little more than her heal at 2 stacks pre-nerf and less than one stack for self healing pre-nerf. I don’t know if I’m the only person here who actually thinks the osmosis nerf was a little excessive but honestly this was a HUGE slap in the face to Alani mains. But what are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think there’s a better way they could have nerfed her so that she could keep her battle healer playstyle while also being balanced?


in short:

damage nerf was kinda ok

wellspring nerf was too much… it’s hard enough to spamheal with your target wounded even without the nerf, now it’s ridicolous…


I have no problem with wellspring being nerfed. But my issue was with how hard it was nerfed. I agree 3 osmosis stacks shouldn’t heal me to full health but they also should heal more than enough to survive a single melee attack from just about any character in the game.


I would have prefered her level 6 and 7 helixes to be toned down. I think she’ll still be a very strong support, just not the number 1 pick.

So no. It wasn’t too harsh.

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As a Kelvin main, I think this nerf was very fair.

1v1 Alani can heal faster than Kelvin can damage her.

She’ll push him away while speeding herself up.

She has hard cc at lvl 1.

She DPS was not bad by any means.

One support shouldn’t ​be able to nullify a tank.
Supports are supposed to support an ally, not solo an entire lane.


No cc would help, just damage and heals.

Damage, heals and good cc is too much.

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level one cc? Her only level 1 helix options are for her skills to heal people. Or are you talking about the stun effect on her geyser skill? That skill hits once in a lifetime (for me anyways) and has a delay making it so if you got hit by it you were being stupid and overextending.

I’m talking about riptide and geyser.

She is a healer with good cc and decent DPS.

Geyser is typically used to follow up a cc, not necessarily to initiate the cc, or its for heals.

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honestly i dont really care about the CC on her skills. i’d rather riptide for damage and healing. i dont even use the slow tbh.

To me, any character that sees main play (Galilea, Boulder, Beatrix and Alani specifically) needed a nerf. They were everywhere and needed balancing. The point was to drag them down to less-meta status and I for one am happy that gearbox listened and took away some of their powers that made them a must have on teams. She needed it and thankfully she got it. She was sustaining entire teams too easily, hell she was running off healing herself as people wailed on her, she did too much as a rescue healer.


The update was a big FU to supports. Just switch to an attacker or defender maybe when people have to do without a healer or play it themselves healers will get some love


Yay more Benny nerfs :slight_smile:

Because Support has been the strongest ■■■■ing type in the game for the better part of the year the game has been out!

Miko needed nerfing, Ambra needed nerfing, KU needed nerfing, Beatrix needed nerfing, Alani needed nerfing, Kleese needed nerfing, I think the only one who had not eaten heavy nerfing was Reyna.

Sure there are like a a few non-support characters who have needed heavy nerfing as well, but history will tell you, Support has been the strongest class in the entirety of the game for the longest. Given some unforseen and broken power (Bolas snare stuns bouncing all around and stunning people halfway across the map, Beatrix’s silence) only to have it nerfed and needing continuous nerfs before said support is acceptably balanced. No Alani should be running off continuously healing herself OVER any attacker’s damage output at 0 stacks. The Support should be the weakest in a fight, they aren’t there to do damage, they are there to support and heal.


Alani is by far my favorite healer. While she’s not my main, I have played her to 20. I felt like the nerf was a bit much. Could they have nerfed the damage without nerfing th healing or osmosis not gain? Or maybe nerf the heal a bit without nerfing the gain?

You need to check your sources, Benny wasn’t touched. He got the buff towards AI/minions that all attackers got even

Didn’t say he got a nerf. You said any char that is everywhere needs nerfed so hopefully you include Benny in that list for future nerfs

Lol, Benny already ate a nerf, unless you think having his health AND damage nerfed to the point where it is required to wear max health gear to even play him effectively is not nerfed enough; then you’re either:

A) Just salty towards the character as there aren’t many GOOD Benedict’s left playing the character because he’s squishy.
B) Just see my icon and are just trying to be a troll.

Honestly a buff to his health or his damage at lvl 1 (not both) wouldn’t be bad simply because the only people who play him now are the ones that die hard love his character or mained him and are really good with him. I don’t play him all that often anymore simply because I have over 250 hours with him, I like to play other characters.

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Just because he ate a nerf doesn’t mean anything. There’s always room for more.

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Ah, so you’re going with option B. Just trolling then. Gotcha. I don’t know what types of Benedict’s you currently play against, but he’s no longer the terror of the skies he used to be. Under the hands of a master? Yeah, he can be a real threat, but he’s not doing anything near what he used to do. There are like two other Benedict’s I could think of that are just damned good and that’s @vagrantsun

The first invented the old Symbiotic/Air Mail AGM combo that was the basic Benedict combo before he ate the nerf to his max health, now that combo is still barely viable thanks to Beatrix and the game’s winter update making him one of the largest hit boxes in the game with one of the lowest combined health and shield pools in the game. In fact that combo was something I picked up from Vagrant. And Hellyeah is just damned good at the game.

If this conversation was happening pre-winter update, you’d be right. He needs a nerf, but as it stands right now, he’s the most balanced he’s been in a long time. Some might gripe about the lvl 1 right side helix option, but since he:

A) Doesn’t take hits very well
B) Is countered by every sniper in the game
C) Doesn’t hit nearly as hard as he used to
D) Is targeted by everyone with PTSD about Birds because of Pre-winter update Benedict

He needs no more nerfing.


Lol have you learned nothing from this game? It doesn’t matter if a character needs a nerf/buff or not. Look through the past at all the questionable decisions that have been made regarding balance and you think one more is really off the table?