Alani lifeguards lore

Been stuck on 4 out of 25 for months. Is there a definitive way to knock out this challenge? There is a lot of old conflicting information out there.

So I did it really quickly once I picked up Alani. It mainly was I took the heal at level one, played incursion and spammed riptide. There probably is a quicker way to do it, but that is how I did it.


Agree go to PVP before the game begins, have everyone line up and spam it… a few games and ur good. dont forget that you have to step in it to

can also run heliophage with a deande player.

deande + mellka bot, deande player + deande clone, you = 5 battleborn.

although if youve got a bunch of alani that want it, just all of you alani in heliophage and clump around the bots just for a better chance.

but beginning of pvp matches works too. ive had folks ask for us to line up and move thru it as the gates open.


That’s how I did it too. Since Incursion bottlenecks everyone in the lanes, it’s easier to catch your teammates with the riptide. Like you said, just throw it out the moment it’s ready.

As a bonus, it’s actually useful for keeping your team alive and pushing back enemy players. :acmaffirmative:

Doesn’t work until door opens at start of game and I think u need to be past the door as well. But my suggestion play incursion and use ur waves when minions are fighting near choke points and pick the extra wave duration at lvl 9 and look for when your teammates pick multiple melee characters if they kill minions like your avg incursion player that’s how you pick up 7 or 8 in a game.

Something to help witg this lore. I found out you do not necessarily need just ally Battleborn for this, it also counts enemy Battleborn too. So overgrowth is a great map for tgis since enemies and allies alike tend to group up in the choke points.