Alani Loadout help

(LilArsynic) #1

So I am currently running “Attack Speed + Health” and "Oath of the Sustained"
Now I am wondering if I should go with “Skill Dmg + Health” or “Attack Dmg + Health”?
What do yall think? Also what other Load Outs do yall use for Alani?

(Havicstone) #2

If you can get the pacifier get it more protection and debuffs on alani is king oath of the sustained will make her a even better healer any dmg she dose will heal herself and allies it also turns her DoT Into a HoT so you can take geyser heal instead. If you get Chrono key thats one more fantastic legendary for her personaly i use all legendarys and have not had a problem with attack speed or killing any one for that matter also solar sustainer for jennerit packs is a god send for here even more Allie buff and dps for alani


For Alani I use:

Legendary - Firm Ware Upgrade 1.5IC, -7% cooldown, +5% sprint speed, 7% chance to lower all cooldowns by 2 seconds

Epic mending box + 12% Heal power/+ 10% Healing received

Common wrist blade +9% attack speed.

Allows her to keep cooldowns low and spam boosted heals.

(LilArsynic) #4

I have to ask, what is the pacifier?

(Havicstone) #5

Its a legendary that gives both attack and sheild power and debuffs the attack of any enemy you dmg by 30%. Look i use three legendarys in this video with alani one of witch is the pacifier it drops from isic algorithm the only thing that killes me is a out of left field bendalblast that killed me and the thorn i was about to heal.

(rmreagle) #6

I run 2 free common pieces and one green 420 shard piece. All of them have shield penalty on it, and it works amzingly well. You literally can have all three of your items before the first wave of minions, then just focus on the wave clear and any and all shards you get go towards buildables for map control plus more levels. As she is now, boosting her already strong early game and just racing up the levels for your helix spikes will provide a huge boost for her.


Attack Speed / Health after 180s / -140 Shield Strength GREEN 420 Shards
Heal Power / - Shield recharge rate WHITE 0 Shards
Attack DMG / - Shield delay WHITE 0 Shards (+skill power also solid choice depending on preferred helix build)

Boost early game, snowball shards into buildables for levels

(<Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action>) #7

I didn’t play PvP with her yet, but for story missions I got the following Loadout:

  • Attack Speed (Shield Penalty = 0 activation cost) | This one is amazing on her, not only for boosting damage, but also stack generation early game.

  • Heal Power (Shield Penalty = 0 activation cost) | Self-explanatory. Testing to see if a green version with +Healing Received is worth additional shards.

  • Symbiotic Gauntlet (+Attack Damage/+Movement Speed/+Attack damage based on life) | A really nice mid to endgame buff to pure damage. Will swap this for a Pacifier once I get one though.

Worked out good so far. I usually don’t run more than one legendary on healer loadouts, to ensure early activation.

(ThisWasAMistake ) #8

I run a legendary shield gear, gives me 140 shield and then an over shield for 8 seconds every time my shield gets fully charged.

Second piece of gear is attack speed +9.80% and also gives me 260 health after surviving a 180 seconds.

Last gear I have is a cool down gear that decreases my skill cool downs by 7% then I get an additional 5% cool down while all my skills are on cool down.