Alani lore challenge too hard

So you’re saying I have to go into Multiplayer (constnat wait time long) and assist in killing Ambra (the character with the most survivability outside of Montana Miko combo) 5 times.

I get you want these things to be difficult but that requires luck (finding a game with an enemy Ambra) and a team that can kill her once in a while. TOO HARD. The others like play on the same team as so and so aren’t as bad, I just dont think forcing people into Multiplayer is a good thing to do.

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Keep an eye out for the next round of Bot Battle (team verus AI bots) - that’ll probably be your best bet for completion.


Do they actually count towards the progress? If so then this game should have something like thay active all the time. It’s just stupid being forced into multiplayer

I agree with you that some challenges are a huge pain in the butt but I disagree that ambra has anywhere near the most survivability. That overshield of hers can be circumvented with a well timed strong attack.

I don’t know if I have beta or launch sydrome and Ambras changed since then, but she was a massive pain in those periods. Only played against her once since WU and got stomped so I dont get to see her against me.

Oh yes I remember beta ambra. She was definitely op. Her is a lot different now.

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as a PVE player i feel you. had to KILL her 25 times for my lore, before they made lore generally easier.

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That’s not even the hard one. The Lifeguards Have Given Up, I think it is called, took me months to complete.

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The problem with this lore challenge is that it hasn’t taken into account the several changes made to Alani since her release.

At release, this challenge (even at 25) was only difficult due to the scarcity of Ambra players (She was getting the stick before she passed it on to El Dragon/Melka)

In short. Alani was a killing machine.

Now? A lot more annoying.

I feel for you mate, and sadly unless otherwise fixed in the recent release of Bot Battles, Bots aren’t counted as actual BB opponents for the sake of this lore and any similar.

If you’re struggling, the underhanded thing to do, is to get a 5 man who understand your goal and play the QM modes.

Ambra as gutted as she is, is still a popular pick in sustain reliant modes like Face-Off/Capture etc.

And they haven’t fixed it yay. About ready to kill myself on 4/5 and cannot do it

Well, I offered an alternative for you mate, not much more I can do. (Outside of providing a shoulder, which I pass on)

Good luck on your endeavors!

Hey guy, I’m someone who plays Ambra a lot, and I have something I do, i play on steam so, if you do too and you ever get matched against me, I’ll pick Ambra so you can wrap up your lore.

I’ve attached a link to my Steam Account below, and if you want, you can friend me, so you’ll see when I’m online.

FrenchFry Guy

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Thanks for the offer but I play on ps4

Dang, sorry

:roll_eyes: if only you knew how lucky you have it…

But seriously, the Lore Challenge is probably harder now than it has been since Alani first debuted. Even though they changed it, down considerably from 20 Ambra kills as Alani, it was difficult because most support players chose Alani, the first new DLC and support character. Ambra was rare and those who kept choosing her were expert Ambra players, always just out of reach or very self-sustained.

Similarly, with another new support character who doubles as a Wound specialist, support players will flock to Beatrix and will be dissuaded from choosing healers like Ambra while Beatrix is chosen on the enemy team. It’s a tricky position, so though you might find it tricky now, I assure you that it is far easier than it used to be, and that in the next few weeks it will get even easier.

Chaos Rumble has expired. Bots Battle is back. I trust you will achieve the challenge soon. Good luck!

Are ya kidding? She’s present in most incursion matches these days


Let’s not do this again Epic. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t writing a commandment.
Read my post in context.
They want the dumb lore done. Having them attempt it in Incursion is inefficient.

What I said was; Ambra is VERY prevalent in sustain dependent modes (which coincidentally favor TDM play styles) so as often as you claim she is in incursion (Where those who pick her are likely part of a 5 man pub stomp CC train)

To try their luck in the other modes.

We clear?
Cheers! <3


Still not seeing Ambra chosen when I play on xbox

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Or a ranged character with decent aim. That big head of hers is an easy target, overshield or no, she’s going down if she’s being a moron.

Should have been there last weekend then: Ambras on opposing teams during meltdown.