Alani lore challenge too hard

Last few days I’ve come across exactly one Ambra

Yes to all those things.

We’ve done this before? Oops. Sorry! :grin:

That makes sense. (While I may not anecdotally see her much in capture, when I play her I basically just run around burning things and never dying. Fun!)

Oh I remember now. Sorry again :sweat:

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wow. assist. 5 times. I totally feel bad. totally. no sarcasm. at all. really.

Just a lil fyi; there was a bug with the Ambra lore challenge for Alani in bot matches… and it appears to still be an issue for some people.

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I can confirm that Alani’s, Ambra deaths challenge isn’t progressing Bots Battle :slight_frown:. I hardly ever see Ambra these days and when I do, she’s too well defended so I can’t anywhere near her to kill her.