Alani lore challenges

whats the best way to complete them right now i need to kill ambra 18 more times and affect 5 players with riptide 29 more times

How about this for the question. Why the hell does Alani and Galilea both have a challenge to kill Ambra 25 time yet there’s no incentive to play Ambra. Nor is there a way to see if someone is playing as her. This is an awful challenge and not thought out at all. It’s just stupid.

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Gearbox are changing those challenges to 5 kills/assists.

have to point out that the 2 times ive played as ambra i destroyed the enemy both times

If that’s the case it’s not reflected in the wording on the challenge. That also doesn’t help the fact that I played 20+ games in a row and saw her once

It’s an upcoming change. It hasn’t happened yet.

Try using riptide at the beginning of meltdown and capture matches when everyone bunches together to leave the spawn area, I say meltdown and capture because they only have one exit where incursion has 3 exits. Make sure you move around in your riptide too so it affects you as well.

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