Alani Lore Help

Alani’s Lore is my last Battleborn achievement! I’m eagerly trying to complete it with little trouble so far and liking the character well enough as I tackle it, but I have one little problem.
I’m finding it annoying to get the “effect 5 Battleborn with one riptide” Lore done. I’ve gotten like 3-4 of them, but it’s not nearly as easy to get as I was thinking it might be. Is there an effective way to farm this other than putting the heal on it and getting lucky in PVP?
I feel like this one challenge is going to take weeks of a lucky notch here and a lucky notch there. I like her well enough, but I don’t like her that much. lol
Any advice or tips from people who completed it?

you can play bots with a friendly Pendles and have the Pendles sit on a thrall pad when the AI is getting a thrall. all of the AI will go to the pad and just stand there while the thrall is contested.

Also, do friendly BB count towards the lore?

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I believe they do, but only if you take the riptide heal at level 1

Thanks a million for that tip though!

If that’s the case, just use it in the beginning of a match while you wait for the doors to open.

I was going to try that tonight after I get off work, but I wasn’t sure if it didn’t count before the match started. I also don’t know if it counts if you hit yourself, or if the party members you hit have to actually get HP from it rather than just being touched by it.
I’m gonna try that and get a friend to run Pendles and try the spawn room at the beginning of the match, then once it starts do the thrall trick you suggested.

It works while in spawn while Nova is explaining the Game Mode. That’s how I did most of mine. And usually, your teammates group up at the door to leave, so that’s a good time to do it. And no they don’t need to gain HP from it, it just needs to touch them.

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I have completed the lore but I found that this trick never worked for me, with or without the heal.

I was able to complete by just playing incursion matches in pvp. Just wait for the Melee’s to initiate the team fights and try to hit as many people as you can, teammates included. You do not have to take the heal as riptide has a natural hasten on it for your teammates.

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Take the riptide heals and the DOT. You will get it done much faster. When I did it, riptide counts on allies with or without heals because of the speed boost it provides but if you have the heals it counts for each tick of healing on allies and with the damage each tick counts also. This way you don’t have to “affect 5 players with a single use of riptide” you just have to affect players 5 times with a single use of riptide. It’s been a little while so I hope it still works this way but it did when I got it. Don’t forget to bring your firmware update and you should be fine. You can probably do it on the heliophage on deande and mell bots too. I used mell and deande to complete my KU stellar cast lore where you have to hit 4 BB with his ult so it should work the same.

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It isn’t working for me inside the spawn room before the match. And I swear I’ll get it like 3-5 in a match but when I check after I’ve gotten only one more tick. I tried it in big team fights in capture matches thinking the likelihood of getting 5 BB together in there would be greater, but after not getting one tick in 2 matches I stopped trying capture. I can usually get lucky once in a match, and one time I got 2 in one match, but I have to be getting it more than what it’s saying I get. Are you guys sure hittin yourself with it works? Because I feel like the only times I’ve gotten it is when I’ve hit 5 or more people excluding myself.

I’ll see if I can get 3 friends to try that. But I’m becoming increasingly convinced that hitting yourself doesn’t count so I’m guessing I’ll need at least 3 friends. =[

You shouldn’t need the heal, riptide already gives allies a movement speed boost!

Best place is probably on Incursion at a choke point.

It took me a while too but you’ll get there eventually :slight_smile:

And it doesn’t work on yourself.


That would explain a lot. lol
I was wondering why I couldn’t get ticks in spawn. And most of the times I’ve been popping it have been when I run up to heal a 2v2 because I was assuming it would count on myself. It sounds like it probably used to work on yourself but the nerfed it because people were farming it with the quick cooldowns in spawn.
It won’t take me more than a couple days of focusing it though I don’t think. I got 4 ticks last night in only like 2 hours of play. I’m up to 6/25. I might try to just buckle down this weekend and knock it out. I crave that 100% achievement completion next to Battleborn. lol

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I was solo when I got the kid ultra lore. It was just me and the mell and deande bots. That’s what I’m saying is that you don’t need to hit 5 BB in one shot. You should be able to do it on your own. I did all of the kid ultra challenge in one trip to the heliophage.

I did KU pretty easily as well with friends, but I don’t think that Alani’s is the same as his. I also recall them saying that they fixed a bug in his Lore that made it easier to get than they had anticipated. Hers says she has to Effect 5 Battleborn with a single use I get the heal on riptide every time, so if you got a tick for the heal and the haste I would have completed her Lore in two matches, but despite using riptide every chance I get I only got 6 ticks total in about 8 matches. And I tried doing it in spawn with heal and haste. I’d hit all 4 party members and myself and it wouldn’t give me a tick.

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Bummer. They must have changed it since I got it then. It has been a while. I played her a lot when she first came out. She was a monster.

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