Alani lore it triggering at all

Just played a bot battle and non of my lore was poping at all. I assitef and participated in killing an Ambra 5 times and no lore, I used riptide on 6 people multiple times and no progress. If your going to have bot battle be a thing make lore trigger properly otherwise it not only stupid easy but pointless to :stuck_out_tongue:

They already know, is a bug, goin to get fixed soon

Haha, rough character choice for lore

These challenges are bugged in Bots Battle and will not trigger. The same is true of Galilea’s and Whiskey Foxtrot’s killing lore.

This lore is very famously bugged. It stubbornly refuses to work for some. I had to get a lore party with some cooldown gear and repeatedly spam on Deande and Mellka on the Heliophage.


…That is triggering for some people, at least it did in a match earlier. Odd I know.

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Its really stupid that the bot takes 8 years to choose ambra once and the whole point of bot battle is challange farming yet it got a crap ton of bugs. I just feel if its not working lets not have it available till it is. Same with the ops they are almost all unbalanced and broken to some degree " Montana cant get past the trap at the end of tobys fr, The Demon Bear hits to hard, Mikes ops difficulty and challenges are all over the place. They want to sell copies of a game that is well more broken then the day it lauched :stuck_out_tongue: (yes I played at lauch) I hope to god gearbox’s next original ip is not as much of a mess as this game has turned out to be in the long run, Ya I got my moneys worth but the bugs and ups and downs the game has and is having… its exasting to be a veteran player :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can understand that the fact SOME of the Lore doesn’t work correctly is very annoying… but you can still do a lot of it easier than vs Players.

The Riptide one is the WORST Lore, it was the last thing I cleared out of all BB Lore. But after like 8 hours of only playing Alani in Bots Battles I got that.

If you still miss any Lore Like Benedicts Mid-Air Kills, Thorn Mid-Air Volley Kills, Toby’s Double Kill with Ult, First Blood with Ghalt, El Dragons kill 20 with En Fuego, Kill 20 with Pendles Miasma… and probably a batch more, you can do these.

I was lucky Enough to get my Kill/Assist xxx Battleborn shortly after they changed it, but all of the above listed Challenges (well, except Pendles, was really a try hard after his release) I did vs Bots. So it’s still good for a lot of Lore.

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I actually platinumed the game about 2 months ago now before the winter update and the addition of bot battle and tbh, Wiskey foxtrot was the only character that took a good while once I started trying. Once I got use to him it was fine. My issue is this game has so meany bugs and it just keeps getting worse as they update and there is no promises or show from them that they are interested in some of the long time outstanding issues. They put stuff off like “The life guards have given up” and its crap like that, that makes people stop playing regularly. I very rarely had connection issues with this game before the winter update and when I did it was almost always on my end and I just had to re start my router. Guess what post winter update is on there end and when I go to support they just tell me to trouble shoot my own internet :stuck_out_tongue: like im not stupid it just sucks feeling like a game is now wasting my time rather then me wasting my own time playing.


@epicender584 Aha, so the Riptide one IS bugged? That’s good to know. I just played a game where I am 100% certain I hit five people several times, but got nothing towards the challenge. Sigh.


I’ve never played a PvP match and I have Alani’s riptide lore challenge. At the start of bots battle there are 5 Battleborn in the room including yourself. Getting an angle to hit everyone is a little tricky but it can be done. Took me about 20-25 matches to complete it but it definitely can be done. The only annoying part is having to do the whole bots battle before you can try again :frowning:

As for killing ambra, that has to be done PvP unfortunately

If I remember right. It was easier if you used healing on riptide because each tick counted as 1 effect per BB. You didn’t even need 5 BB just 5 ticks on BB per use.


@Brigma62 I never got that to work, even when I used a mic to ask them to line up for it. Always picked Soothing Mist because healing is my thing. ;D

I got it eventually though. Happy to never play Alani that way ever again.

So far, Alani ranks as the battleborn with the absolute worst lore challenges (in total)… for me anyway, and I’m saying this as someone who has “mastered” 20 BBs so far.

I have a routine I follow when I start out mastering a brand-new (to me) character. I check out the character’s Gearbox forum, read some guides, figure out the helix I want to run, create a couple loadouts tailored for the new character… and then I play… bots battle only (ever), until I’ve unlocked any mutations in my planned helix. Then, and only then do I start looking into what its going to take to complete the character’s lore challenges.

Most of the time, by the time I’ve reached this point, character level 5 to 10, I find that I’ve already completed a challenge or 2, and made progress on most of the others (though there always seems to be at least one that requires using a helix selection I prefer to ignore, or has to be cheesed out in PvE).

Alani is the first character that I’ve gotten to this point, level 7 with her first 3 mutations unlocked… only to find that I have made absolutely no progress on any of her lore challenges… not a single one!!!

To me, this suggests that there is a problem here that Gearbox needs to address. Given the content, or lack thereof, of most posted Battleplans, I’m not very hopeful.

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I have played since launch and well… lets say Alani has had rough waters ever since launch.

When season pass holders where given early access we quickly realized… she was absolutely the single most powerful Battleborn in the game at this time. Her helix combos where broken beyond belief and her self sustainability along with her damage output as a healer being one of the best made her super frustrating to fight as unless it was 2 or more on 1 and you had stuns she was going to win or escape. It took them ages to finally patch her and by that time pvp had already lost tonz of players who where sick of seeing Alani in every match and Ambra being missing all together from most pvp as people frequently singled out ambra players as they got targeted a ton for Galilea lore and now alani lore.

After the patch she got nurfed and tuned and buffed and tuned again and again until they re organized her helix tree. She is the reason I only have the platinum trophy and not 100% as I don’t care to waste my time trying to get a buggy challange working when gearbox has done little to nothing since her launch to address her lore or fix Riptiddes meany pathing issues.

Alani is the single most buggy and overplayed battleborn except for maybe Beatrix but she is not buggy she is just overplayed cuz she has the most op tool kit in the game.

Btws when it comes to Eldrid Kalvin is top :stuck_out_tongue: lol fight me :stuck_out_tongue:

Recently i helped to finish her lore, riptide can be done with 2 ppl+ alani in eliophage using melka and deande npc, just bring some cd gear and spam the ■■■■ of it.

On gbx defence… They haired an external source to test alani obviously it didnt work as intended.

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I have 2 friends coming over with a ps4 maybe we will give this a go thanks for the tip :smiley: