Alani Lore Locked?

I just did a match with Gal while doing multiple other things to achieve some lore challenges, But when the game ends nothing was updated at all? Is she lore locked until the 31st?

Worse of all, my game said I completed Alani’s lore challenge called “Song of the Emula” while I was in a match and I went to look at the lore challenges and it doesn’t show up. I wonder if you can still complete the challenges and it just won’t show up.

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The same thing just happened to me on Renegade, I completed Song of the Emula and it didnt do anything.

Same here. I got Time Blurs… 6 times in The Algorithm and when I checked her Lore nothing updated.

She’s lore locked until later

Where is this info from?

I had several heals that did well over 800, but none of them were recorded in her lore challenge. :expressionless:

Why is she ‘lore locked’?

Probably because she hasn’t been officially released yet and GBX may still be tweaking her based on feedback they get during this “preview”.

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So, was this fixed? Because I wanted to test it out and I got all of the “Song of Emula” lores in one pve match(the archive) and I did get it(and read it) and suddenly my bottom right lore also now shows 1/50, so does it work for you guys? Or is it that me just completing that one suddenly ‘fixed’ the problem?

Seems like it has been fixed. I’ve been gaining points in the different categories.

It looks like it’s fixed for me too. Glad because I managed to get two Ambra kills in one match.

that audio log good laughs :+1:

Judging by what every is saying, I may have to redo my challenge since it appears to still not be showing up.

I cant play the character in general it appears in my character list under commander/battleborn as unlocked and I can see all of here skill’s/lore etc. but when I start up a game the character appears as locked I own the Deluxe as well as the pass but its still locked.

Did you go to your Command menu, select her and press the button/key to unlock her?

If you have the Season Pass, you don’t automatically get her, you get keys that can be used to unlock her.

Hi! I’ve been playing Alani and I completed the lore Time Blurs In The Depth. Heal 800 health with a single Wellspring, 50 times. But its an audio. (Personal log recorded by Alani from her quarters on the Nova regarding the struggle to save Solus and the philosophy of light and dark. Audio attached, transcript below.) That’s what its about.