Alani Lore not unlocking

Just did my first mission. Got 50/50 for ‘TIme Blurs in the Depths’. Went to Lore page and showing 0/50.

Ran with gali and got nothing for it. Please help :cry:

Match id’s



Experiencing the same problem, killed Ambra 4 times and nothing

Yep after a match my progress resets to zero with her…kinda a bummer would love to find out her lore.

Same here I did the one for 3000 damage or something around that lore and it resets to 0 when I check it afterwards

My lore is starting to tabulate. I’ll reply once I finish one off.

This is something we’re looking into now, guys. Fear not!

Forgot to reply last night, but Lore seems to work now. 3 done, so not sure what happened but it is ok.

Also…alani is a stalker…