Alani needs a nerf. way too much survivability and damage

I caught an alani spending helix points, and I fired three 50% increased shield damage hawk eye rockets, one ultimate, and two +dam/-aoe rockets at her face and she didn’t die.

She didn’t have time to heal, she just sat there upgrading helix points and eat dirt. Why does she do such instant ranged damage? How can she heal so quickly? Why is Benedict so easily outclassed. There’s so many ranged characters doing more base damage, with less bullet drop off. I have to actually aim a rocket and hope they’re near where it lands. One miss and my dps drops drastically. Benedict is one of the best characters I’ve played at clearing lanes and helping the team push forward, but he’s pretty awful at pvp.

She’s getting nerfed tomorrow. Also, check the forum a bit, there are pletny of Alani OP threads already.

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There needs to be A downside to acting like a melee character or tank. Less hp, or less shield. Benedict has a rocket launcher. 135 base damage is way too low against alani

They just keep popping up, hey?

I think there might already be several threads on this topic. Please check before making a new thread. Thanks.

Please continue here: Alani needs to be nerfed NOW