Alani needs to be nerfed NOW

As much as i love going 15-0 in every other game i play (Unless someone else bum rushes her first.) This chick is RIDICULOUS and i shall explain in-depth as to why she is.

First off, before i hear the “Just find out the perfect counter” phrase again, just stop and think about your life.

Alani is an Eldrid Supporter who both is a healer and fighter. The problem is, she’s too good at both.

Alani’s Passive, Secondary, and Skill 1 are enough to break the game. If you choose the right Helix tree set, she’ll never die.

Helix 1: Soothing Mist - Makes Riptide heal allies who are in it’s water. While some people choose Splash Zone because it gives more outright, this one is better in the long run as i’ll soon explain.

Helix 2: Surface Tension - When an enemy Battleborn is binded by Geyser, they take 30% more damage and 30% of “that” damage is shared to nearby allies of the victim. This one is self-explanitory as it makes it easier to kill somebody and anyone near them. Even if the bind is 1 second long.

Helix 3: Go With The Flow - Every hit with her Primary: Torrent cools down all skills by 0.5%. Also self-explanitory since Riptide is 15secs, Geyser is 20secs, and Emergence is 60secs. This is the first of the game breaking Helix upgrades as it allows Alani to constantly Riptide every 5 seconds since minions are easy targets. The only exception is Capture, but she can still hit enemy Battleborn well enough and Turrets count for her too.

Helix 4: Wave Shock (Mutation. Character Rank 3) - Riptide now causes Overtime damage. Now, while Riptide is only 3 seconds long, by the time you get this upgrade it’ll do around 141-151 a hit. It’s good for minion control and for fleeing players who are low on life. Wet Blanket is also good, but Wave Shock is devastating on the long run due to the Level 9 Helix.

Helix 5: Extremophile (Mutation. Character Rank 5) - Increases Osmosis’ maximum healing output, but decreases it’s minimum output. This is the second of the game breaking upgrades as Alani was already capable of healing 700-900 to allies and half to herself when needed. With this, i can heal someone for 1300-1500 HP late game. That is insane. Combine this with the other future upgrades and she is a nightmare. By the time you get it her maximum output bonus will be 25% and her Osmosis is extremely quick to fill up, so there’s literally no drawback here.
Her other upgrade Full Saturation is also good since it gives 30% damage resistance to who was healed by Wellspring for 8 seconds, but i just explained why Extremophile is ridiculous. Once Alani hits character rank 5, there’s no point. Especially for those trying to get her lore challenge: “Time Blurs in the Depths” since it requires you to heal 800 or more with Wellspring 50 times.

Helix 6: Refresher - While Alani stands in Riptide’s water, her Osmosis stacks begin to replenish. This is the next step of Riptide’s onslaught as this allows Alani to max out her Osmosis faster and benefit from Extremophile without much effort as a full 3 seconds will give Alani around a stack and a half. Torrent’s full 4-shot barrage will already give her 1 stack of Osmosis. This makes it easier.

Helix 7: Pressure Wash - Torrent projectiles travel faster and gives Alani Osomsis stacks faster. Another game breaker as 2 full Torrents barrages is 2 1/2 stacks. Alani caps out stacks at 3 so this is basically free health. Combine this with Go With The Flow and Alani will ALWAYS have maximum Osmosis since Riptide will be ready every 5 seconds and benefit from Refresher. Further add Extremophile and no one is dying anytime soon.

Helix 8: Ol’ Trustworthy - Increases Geyser’s size by 25%. Mainly for offensive purposes as it’ll make it easier to catch players, bind them, and by now you’ll have Emergence. Since Emergence can stick to enemies, it’s a free setup for some heavy damage. Especially if they retreat back to any teammates or minions.

Helix 9: Stagnant Pools - Increases Riptide’s water duration by 3 seconds. And with this final upgrade, you just shake hands and call GG because this makes Riptide jesus. Not only will you benefit from more healing, but the damage duration will last longer (And hit VERY hard by now), and also give Alani FULL Osmosis everytime. This makes Alani unkillable and very powerful.

Helix 10: Transpiration (Mutation. Character Rank 12) Using Emergence resets all other skill cooldowns. This is completely self explanitory. Nothing needs to be said here.

Counter: There’s literally only 1 counter in the entire game that can stop Alani cold. The infamous Galilea. Because Galilea can use Desecrate to both Wound AND Silence Alani at the same time, she can neither heal nor use any of her skills. All she will have is 1 full Osmosis for about 600-700HP and pray she escapes since Shield Throw can also be used to Wound along with Stun.
Sure Rath can also Silence, but it’s only 3 seconds long compared to Galilea’s 5 seconds, plus if she steps into Desecrate again, Wound and Silence both reset to 5 seconds. More than enough to finish the job.

Summary: With this ungodly setup, Alani can not only heal damage to minions and allies alike, but dish out just as bad. I’ve played mostly Meltdown with her, and i literally just handle an ENTIRE lane 1v2 even 1v3 depending on the character match-up the whole match. Even against Alani’s they get wrecked since im a better crackshot and Geyser trapper. It also helps that all of my gear gives bonus to her max health. By late game at level 10 i have 3000HP and more than enough healing power to hold back against a militia.
I also keep hearing people say she’s basically Orendi with healing. No, stop. Alani is very much different from Orendi in comparison. Also, her Healing i wouldnt compare to Miko so easily. Miko can heal extreme amounts of life at a rapid pace with a constant beam and Mushroom. Alani’s Wellspring will only work on 1 target then needs to recharge it back to full. Emergence and Riptide wont give as steady an amount as Fungus Among Us as well. Alani will mostly be healing herself than the team. Thats the biggest difference.
In all honestly, this begs the question if Gearbox was thinking this character through at all. She needs to be nerfed by the end of the week, because Alani is too much.


Wait a couple of weeks until everyone knows how she works. It’s much too soon.


No, it is not. You must have clearly not read my topic. My Alani is already Rank 10 and i have a whopping 84 kills to 15 deaths across 11 games as her overall total bodycount to her name. That alone should say something as she hasn’t even been out for 24 hours. I know what i’m talking about because i know broken stuff when i see it.

Alani’s ONLY downside is her mobility, but since Riptide already increases speed, there’s almost nothing you can do.


Can’t wait to demolish with this (or a similar setup) soon. I messed around with her a little today and I went 8-2 with maybe 10 assist in a meltdown game and I only died twice because I was focused by the enemy team while solo (which X I shouldn’t have been as a support anyways lol) I also forgot to mention that I was up in a team of 5 while in a solo queue. I can easily see her being broken while playing with a team.

That’s a far cry from 15-0 average, which you implied. Moreover I bet there are people with better k/d than that on this forum with pretty much every character in the game.

Moreover, that has nothing to do with it. The people you are laying against need to learn how she works before any determinations can be made.

Maybe you will be right when all is said and done, then you can laugh and say you told us so.


I’m not sure if you read the patch notes at all, But Gals Silence is shortened and also only applies on cast so her stepping back in to desecrate does absolutely nothing.


And where are these mystical patch notes you speak of? I havent seen a thing.

Even then my point still stands about that setup being needed to counter Alani.

Lets do this, because you cant seem to look in the news section where all the patch notes have been thus far.

“Galilea’s desecrate was never intended to constantly apply crowd
control or debuffs on enemies throughout the duration. We changed the
augmentations to only apply the effects at the cast of the skill. This
change now requires Galilea players to use Desecrate more effectively
and allow some counter-play if players find themselves falling into the
Desecrate. In addition, we made some fixes to her melee attack so
Galilea is now moving like all other melee when attacking.”

4 Likes No need to be rude about it, they post on the forums every time there’s a patch :smile: And luckily searches are super easy!


Hehe finally someone that sees what I have seen in 10 games with her she is OP

Her abilities work well and she’s a blast to play. Rather than nerfing the fun out of the character, they should step up the other characters’ game.

But, sadly, that’s probably not what will happen.


She somehow seems to be moving quite slowly, even while sprinting. Other players seem to overtake me with ease.


…Correct, did a flat race with Ambra, in 20 seconds she lost me.

btw I don’t get this mentality of breaking my new fav, Alani, just because Gearbox got it right.
(See my post in the main forum, Alani got Gold on Helio Advanced in 52 minutes, now that’s awesome.)

Literally if you just focus on alani she will be dead in a matter of seconds. It’s way too early to call the op card because no one knows how to fight her yet


Hmmm… Reyna, Benedict, marq, Galilea, Ghalt… These guys would destroy if they tag teamed her

Miko is still the better healer imho. Not only because of the constant healing beam and Fungus, but the Biosynthesis, which can be applied to every nearby player via helix and be beefed up (more healing, less cooldown). That in combo with the beam or even fungus is still unmatched.

Also when Playing Alani I prefer +Attack Speed items over +Health, since it greatly increases your Osmosis Generation. My current setup for her increases her attack speed by 14%, or almost 20% for 3 seconds when taking health damage, along an 8% overall damage increase and up to 486 extra Health.

Actually that’s almost the same setup I am using for Orendi.

ghalt can destroy her snipers can destroy her hell anyone with speed can wreck her she’s not op she’s a great support and damage dealer but she can be wrecked by focus fire in any 1v1 and cc effects really mess her up

That is true I think of alani as more of a rescuer like reyna

When I played Alani, I seemed to have trouble with an aggressive Melka since there always jumping & flying in the air


Yeah that’s what killed me a lot