Alani not unlocked for season pass holder?

as title said it says it is locked for me and i am a season pass holder

did you use you’r hero key?

As AOS said, you’ll need to use a hero key to unlock here. After you select her, you should get the option to use your key to do so.

Should be Y/Triangle to unlock on console

thanks. some better instructions from GB would be very helpful

better instructions for many things would be helpful

I don’t even have to possibility to unlock her on computer …
I try all the keyboard key.
Nothing is displayed.
And yes i have the season pass …

So any word on getting that key back? The description says the key will be refunded if the Battleborn is unlocked via command rank or challenge. She has neither of those as an option. I am hoping that as a season pass holder this means we get an additional key when the next hero is released? I’m sure they have this all figured out, it is just a weird way to do it.

yeah I don’t even have and option to unlock the character at all

You could get some instructions by reading the news…
It was all explained here :