Alani OP. Needs Nerfs

Credit to @Deande bubbling the entire enemy team in a 5v4.


The entire enemy team in a bubble. @Deande Kelvin ain’t got sh*t on you.


All I wanted was the Kid Ultraaaaaaa.
Ha Jokes.

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I just realized how appropriate it was that Mellka said, “Got Deande comin’ this way” Right when she said it.

Thats what you get for grouping up.

If everybody hugs each other they shouldn’t be surprised to be more vulnarable for AOE Attacks.


Nah, Demz’s Alani is just that good.

In all seriousness though, they weren’t the best players. The fact that the entire enemy team was in one lane on meltdown at the very beginning of the match is strong evidence of that.

Sad part is…I don’t even remember that match now…it was only like 2hrs ago :confused:

What… the hell? That’s crazy!

Lmao that had nothing to do with Alani and everything to do with bad enemies. Even the ai in private isn’t bad enough to do that

What a great team wipe! That was hilarious


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