Alani plus Ghalt deadly combo

Hey guys! Just made a video of how you can easily use Alani’s Geyser to aim and throw pulling abilities during the fall animation. This looks to be very powerful as in reality her stun brings more CC than in description. I used that on PS4 so should be even easier on PC.

Stupid op xD

Those cc duration items are starting to look pretty useful now, aren’t they?

Well, to be any efficient they probably need to have their numbers raised. The matter is that both Alani and Ghalt can have a passive damage while making their stuns because both of them have that in helix upgrades so basically this combos can be extremely deadly as while the target is in the air it takes damage from alani’s helix upgrade, both alani and ghalt are damaging the target and then during trap stun you also take passive damage while both of them are hitting you.

Most of the Alani mechanics will be nerfed. I understand how you’re trying to make a point about the duo but in any given match. The chances of getting them together, specifically, and them 2 purposely working together is quiet a low chance. That incident in your video isn’t the worst thing that could have happened and to delay the inevitable, I’m not going to say the exact sequence that could have been pro and overkill. That’s also without your boomerang…

Alani’s “passive” doesn’t cause damage.
Either way, thIs is the reason I’m not following the masses. In pve, everything about aoe blah blah blah is a great build. I build around the warrior monk mentality so thankfully, someone getting knocked up would mean you’d have to be right in my face which is why it’s nice that she isn’t an utter squish but for the nice for the opponent that her heals aren’t game breaking.

Big picture is the chances of those two together and working with each other is really low. You kind of mess up your point as well by being involved. You should have videoed it in a spectating manner.

Thanks for your feedback but uou probably got me wrong. The whole idea of my message was around competetive games with premades and voice when you can work with your teamates. That is why i posted this on competetive forum.

Second thing is that i hit with my Fetch in 90% of the times whenever i see the Geyser on target and its with some random guys when i am not even ready for it. Sometimes i just had my Fetch on cd or in a bad position. So i am showing how easy and deadly this combo can be performed in premade party with voice especially when palying with Ghalt and not with S&A.

The last thing is i really confused about - Alani’s “passive” doesn’t cause damage - because Surface Tension (second helix tree) brings additional damage to target hit by Geyser. Please correct me if i am wrong. Thanks!

That’s a level 2 branch in the helix tree. The geyser then can attain the changed properties.
Herr passive would be osmosis.

Your post is titled alani plus ghalt so I was keeping it on topic. I am sure that a premade would utilize the skills given to maximum efficiency but isn’t that the point of working together? Voice is readily available without being premade though and that would then be cooperative coordination.

I’m not trying to pick you apart to be a bully but there is so much negativity going around her comparable to galilea. The reality is that she is only a nuisance to those who haven’t figured her out yet. None of her abilities are without balance. That Alani had to use their character knowledge and on point timing to place the geyser then luck as the enemy walked right into it.

When I talked about Alani’s passive damage ons tun i was actually meaning by passive the 2d helix that does passive effect of DoT during Geyser.

Did you play a lot of PvP? I played 50 games during beta and 150 games now with 600+ kills 130 death and 750+ assists and i sadly must admit that even though there is voice i never met random people that wanted to communicate on game with the strats. Maybe i am so unlucky lol.

And i didnt see any premades using this as of yet. Maybe because Alani was just introduced but i am sure that Ghalt plus Alani is deadly combo today.

I mean it’s not something that doesn’t take any skill to achieve like Riptide or galilea with the helix and aoe silence.

I also play on the ps4 :slight_smile:

Lol let’s talk. My psn is Jme-B. I’m on my phone so communicating on here takes a long time.

If you choose not to, I must inform you that geyser doesn’t get a dot in any helix choices.

Pretty sure Mellkas dying there regardless of which 3 characters she is standing in the middle of, but yeah, seen the geyser working in all kinds of combos. Most prevalent seems to be the Gal pull into the geyser.

And while the geyser says 1sec bind, it’s more like 3sec after the launch/hold/fall.

Makes skills like Thorns quick melee back launch and others like it a more necessary helix choice.

I was doing this with Boldur as soon as they hit the ground i’d boldur dash them for the stun lol. It wasn’t really hard to aim either.

Well, there are a ton of other 2-player combos. Just think of any CC plus Rath, for example. Synergy will always beat “each for their own.”

Yeah, in fps based combat lifting smth to the air with nothing that could spoil your aiming is kind of super strong lol

And I know how hard good boldur players can charge stun :smiley:

There are a ton of other combos but geyser is so easy to aim and what ghalt and alani can do is that alani casts a geyser at range they both destroy the target at range and then you immediately throw a hook into the trap stun and your enemy is near
you in half a second. You can snipe and kill enemy so easily…you can actually destroy pretty anyone during this chain control. And you don’t need to run to the geyser as rath player you just throw a hook into the air and you even can’t grab a mob by mistake

I always wear my helmet, as Galilea.