Alani post nerf (We happy?)

Its a fair nerf. They did one of the righ options here in my opinion as lowering her dps would cause her to just become more like miko…Allowing her to keep her dps and lowering her sponge ability puts some risk in the fact she has to fight to gain her sustai/heal in the first place as opposed to lowering her efficiency at healing or dps…as she is a healer…that has to fight…I havent gotten to play with her as of yet this post but will update upon doing so about if I feel like the nerf was too much or just right…as I assure you it wasnt too little. I do however find people still complaining about her dps which if for some reason devs cave into that were going to have a 2nd ambra on our hands that no one will rally play as opposed to one of the exciting great new badasses in Battleborn.
Share your thoughts and opinions…

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