Alani release date, double xp event, and more!


Awesome indeed. Just checked, Season Pass in just $19 on Amazon. (PC code)

5 more days 5 more days 5 more days…

No mention of advanced matchmaking nor map changes or anything else though :frowning:

I’m pretty sure they said that will be in the monthly patch which I’d assume has nothing to do with this.


Excited. Can’t wait.

Hope so!

Yay double EXP! :smiley: Had to work since release, good I can catch up now!

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Added Advanced Story Mode to allow players to publicly match in and tackle story missions on Advanced Difficulty

I think this was the part about advance matchmaking.

Oooh it says that is included in this weeks hotfixes.

Any eta on when this weeks hotfix is?

Sounds like Friday because the Double XP Weekend is bundled with the hotfixes.

I won’t lie, this made me grin. Well played, GBX, well played.

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Just a quick question if anybody knows

When it says we can get early access with Alani - Does that mean her actual character or just a “beta” character?

So if I rank her up to 15 in 1 day then her “offical” release date comes out. Will Gearbox wipe my “beta” Alani and replace her with a level 1 Alani something akin to closed technical/beta where all the info got wiped when the Official release date of BattleBorn was here

Or is it just early access to the real character and I don’t have to worry about a wipe?

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Pretty sure you keep what you kill, Necromonger style. It wouldn’t make sense to do a forced reboot on everyone for that one character. I’m only worried about what happens when I play story mode and everyone wants to try Alani so there are five Alani’s every match. lol

I honestly think that would be fun LOL

I’m disappointed in myself but I squel like a little girl when I’m in PVE and everyone picks the same character. It’s just … idk… I just feel like something is “complete”

A few days ago I was doing Oscar Mike challenges. Went into a party and 3 people picked Oscar Mike right front the start. Then inside myself I was thinking

Do it… DO IT!!!

And then the 4th guy picked Oscar Mike…then with 10 seconds left on the clock THE FIFTH MEMBER picked Oscar Mike. My God that was such a thrilling experience for me.

I remember in the Beta having play with 5 Galileas. idk why but I just enjoy same members on team. It’s fun for me. A 5 man Orendi would be great fun with how her cooldowns work and how she can spam everything one right after another (plus all her crazy dialogue)

I cant ait for 5 Alanis actually haha