Alani Rogue Skin please! you did it for Mellka!

Pretty much what the title says, I’d love a Rogue skin for Alani, since I’m so hyped for her and Rogues happens to be my favorite faction <3

Mellka has a Rogues skin? Where was that?!

What Rogue skin does Mellka have? Pretty much every character has the same recolor.

It’s a drop from the Eldrid Pack I believe like any skins for Eldrid, and she has a recolor for orange and yellow and it looks great :smiley:

Well, they only have 3 skins you can get from loot packs currently. White/teal, Violet-red/light blue, and yellow/purple. I know they show off some skins that are still unavailable in private versus matches, but you can’t get most of those yet. They might start releasing them next week when Alani comes out though.

That’s not a rogue skin… it’s just the yellow and orange skin every character gets…

I was reading post about a golden Ambra skin someone saw a bot use, seems confirmed that are more skins available.
They have already announced that packs will include them. shrug