Alani Ruined this game

Title says it all. The game was almost completely balanced before her. With the exception of maybe Rath or Galilea. But now, if I go into a game, there is guarunteed to be some pathetic sh*t playing Alani. I just straight up don’t enjoy playing this games pvp anymore. I swear I am not exaggerating, I just saw an Alani survive running around an enemy sentry, being chased by Ghalt, Melka and Toby. I just don’t see what was going through the designer’s head:

“Let’s make a support character…but I think she should have very high health…aaaand higher dps than a lot of Attackers”

Short version: please just destroy Alani completely, I never want anybody new to the game to ever have to witness her.


Learn how to counter her.


you forgot that she’s also supposed to provide stuns, slows, interupt everyones ultimate just with her ridiculously over powered water tick damage+cc effect and can instantly heal anyone to full health once every 4-5 seconds, not to mention whatever modifier is on her self heal values is tuned so high she’s the equivalent of being 5 levels your superior at all times.

most people counter her by quitting the match. and that is the problem, it killed the already low population.

Without a shadow of a doubt you will see some changes. Though I don’t find her as unbalanced as others do she is a little too strong overall with her ‘weakness’ if you can even call it that being she’s slow. It’s unfortunate, but on the flip side you usually have both teams with an Alani. Kind of balances out in that aspect.

As for removing her, I like the idea of a healer who heals more when having to move into combat range. The problem is her range is far too high. If anyone played Warhammer Online I think it was the Warrior Priest? May be wrong, but basically a close range fighter who healed more if they engaged in combat more. BUT, and that’s a big BUT, it was for close range. Alani can be played very safely from a distance. Outside of capture she’s very strong in PvP because her skills just own lanes.

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Literally bring 1 CC reduction item and you have successfully countered Alani. Same argument for Galiea. People get stunned and cry. It’s not hard to play around stuns.

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what about the silence, the slow, the run speed enhance, the self heals, the massive amount of damage on a support class?

did you only chime in on the forums to argue and interject your two cents or would you like to provide information promoting a discussion that would potentially fix a known issue and maybe fix this game we like?


Cc reduction counters the stun and silence.
She’s not a champ to 1v1 against, she has heals.

If she gets away with low health, that’s still a win because she’s not in the fight.


I died to her, she HAS to be overpowered, it CANT be me.


Exactly. Galilea needed to be nerfed same with ISIC but Alani is fine as she is. You just need to learn how to counter her like i said

This isn’t a GIT GUD L2P problem. The devs have already acknowledged that she’s too strong. In the right hands, Alani becomes a powerhouse of wave clear and CC by level 4, especially if you’d got her damaging riptide mutation. It’s unreasonably difficult to kill her when she’s played by someone who has the forethought and wherewithal to choose the right traits, load and activate the right gears, and stay on the lane to soak up all that sweet minion exp. I played Alani with a total pug team against a similarly ranked, coordinated 5 man that also had an Alani, and I pushed their crap in. I fought them 3v1 in their base and they couldn’t evict me. Some of it is player skill, but it definitely feels like the team with the better Alani has a noticeable advantage right now.

I can’t even touch my favorite supporter, Kleese right now because any Alani can overrun my position and my team can’t do crap about it.

Like Shermanator92 said if you can get them to low health its a win because they arent fighting

Alani is too overpowerd for a support this character is in almost every game the highest damage dealer plus healer
Her stuns i have no problem with . The damage and damage reduction is a problem this char can survive 3 vs 1

she’s a support character with the highest hp and damage that also happens to do EVERYTHING else. yeah im crying, along with literally eveyr other player who has gone against alani. the dwindling player base? theyre crying too. 1800 people average and you wanna come in here and argue to be right. you win you’re the rightest person ever.

Because being able to lay down a HUGE soft CC DoT field every five seconds is totally balanced.

that also hastes your team, heals them, and instantly fills your life bar.

She will be nerfed tomorrow my friend.

Don’t forget the osmosis fill trait just for moving around in said field.

really curious how a nerf on her will manifest there are a ton of ways to do it, im curious what and how it will play out

Yeah same here. So many ways it could go.