Alani - She has fooled us all!


I don’t think she is a human. Or a living creature at all. Just look at this picture that was just posted by GBX. It is obvious, that instead she is something else.


She is in fact a bunch of straws, used to construct a being that resembles an alien woman. As demonstrated in the above picture, this is how a straw bends.

What does this have to do with Alani? Look closer!


Wake up sheeple.


Ha, looks like someone doesn’t know how to do bones properly.

make floppy bodies !

Damn you! I thought this was a really beautiful picture and now you ruined it for me :’(

What a majestic straw.
Straw people, or Streople, confirmed…


Hahaha nice
I just saw the twitter post, and I have to say, best comment so far :

Alani also uses water to make her enemies feel like trash, because that’s what ever character is compared to her power

By : TheFunfighter

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Hmm, some kind of conspiracy at work here? :slight_smile:

Are you trying to say that she doesn’t suck, but people that use her suck?

We have finally found our straw-man…er…woman.

I guess thats the point with every character in BB. But I don´t know if its the point of this topic/post.