Alani still strong in PVE

Although I hate facing Alani in PVP, i love to play her in hard defense campaign missions like Saboteur… in fact, the first time i beat Saboteur on advanced difficulty was with her where I pretty much baby sat my team with heals while also dishing out tonnes of damage… and then the nerf hammer hit her right in the face, taking out much of her damage and range… i was worried she may not be viable anymore in PVE but to my surprise she is still strong in PVE… i ran a few missions (Saboteur, Renegade) on advanced a couple times with Alani and her post nerf damage and utility are still solid… And today i finally beat Heliophage with her on advanced in a 3 man team (Alani, OM and Kelvin)… the range cut hurt me in some places but i compensated for that by picking up the lvl 7 increased range helix choice… i am glad she hasn’t lost her flair in PVE and i am equally glad to see her less often in PVP…!


Too true. She is still great in PVE. With her balancing issue I don’t come in #1 in damage anymore like I used to (by a landslide since her dmg was off the charts) but I’m still #2 usually and can still keep up with the heals for my team in a pinch. Soloing with her is noticeably slower but in a team PVE match I don’t see much difference utility wise

OK, I was pretty ticked by all the babies getting Gbox to rip her apart but once I get Marquis to level 15 I’ll give her a go again, do have her maxed, pre-nerf.

Update: Maxed Marquis today as I hit 400 hours in Story mode.
(Have maxed Thorn, Mike, Deande, Alani, Marquis, Benedict and Ghalt)

Team of us, 5, decided to test Alani on Helio Advanced, in the past we got Gold with her each time.
Today we made it to the last stage before the initial timer runs out, we all died.
I’m pretty sure this wrecked it for me.


You all played as Alani? So, you took 5 support characters and ran into DPS issues? And this is a problem?

What would happen if you took 5 of Miko, Reyna, Kleese or Ambra? Probably the same.

Sounds like working as intended. If you have a mission with a timer, that requires a lot of damage, bring a couple damage dealers.

With as many hours as I have we didn’t give it a second try, I went back as Mike, nobody else went back as Alani.
We did have one Ambra though. :wink: