Alani suggestion

Did you ever wonder why people don’t get points/score/xp for healing allies or why people take Miko just to use heal abilities for themselves, is there a connection to this phenomenon?

The problem I see is that the developers don’t support support-classes or healers in their own game enough. There is literally no recognition/benefit (XP/Points) for Healing or Shielding Allies in Story nor Competitive mode. This leads to support classes not being as appealing and to repetitive game play due to the same Character being picked all the time. Imagine the frustration of a player who loves to heal with Miko not being able to pick shim, just to see the other player not giving out a single heal to their allies.

There is a minority of players who don’t care what their score is or how quickly they reach the next Helix. The few, who simply enjoy supporting their group. With that in mind, let’s have a look at Alani:

A concept of a class that was attractive to all players - finally made a healing class fun for everyone. Easy to learn and control, with interweaving abilities like none of other characters. An overall impeccable Character, if it wasn’t for the Competitive Mode aka PVP.

Once the Competitive crowd encountered this hard to crack Nut, things got let’s say complicated.
While I agree that Alanis health pool was too big and the adjustment in the first nerf was justified, I truly believe that reducing her damage output in the second nerf has gimped the class and its fantastic design.

Alani was overpowered but not due to her damage output but rather her osmosis self-heal.
I do believe that a simple debuff should apply to the osmosis self-heal every time it is casted. This should stack 3 - 5 times and should reset when Alani dies.

Example: I assume that a full osmosis self- heal w/o gear heals Alani by 1000 HP (not correct figure)
1st Stack reduces the self-heal by 500HP (2nd heal heals 500HP)
2nd Stack reduces the self-heal by 250HP (3rd heal heals 250HP)
3rd stack reduces the self-heal by 125HP (4th heal heals only 125HP)

The debuff could be eased out by picking the geyser healing helix which would extend to 5 stacks and reduces the heal by 165 per self-heal.

In addition, I would remove the 2nd geyser helix (+30% damage to neighboring enemies) completely and replace it with a +30% heal for each ally close to it.

Obviously i would go back to alani 1.1 with the adjusted health poll and the great damage before implementing those changes.


Just a question… Nice topic but I think you do get a higher “score” when healing? At the end of the match, the stats where you see all your info such as k/d, minion kills, assists, you also have amount healed if you click to the right. Always thought healing counted toward your score

Edit: Oh I see, EXP wise. Yea I agree. I leveled up faster as an attacker than support. They should give more exp for support class that use more support skills

I also agree on going back to adjusted health now that they lowered her damage. However, I don’t think the self heal is OP since you gotta work for it a bit. Reyna has healing too, if you spec her right and add your healing gear, she can heal herself, the person she over shields & add an overshield on top of that for a pretty big amount. Also if you spec right w/ cool downs, she can shoot that overshield heal out every 10-15 seconds. All just depends on what gear and helix you choose.

What makes Alani better though is she has more crowd control than Reyna. Reyna is more single target DPS. Even though Alani’s damage is lowered, people still fear Alani’s CCs and having a nice teammate w/ her helps a lot

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I’ll have to check exact figures (and I know you were just ball parking it) but Alani can’t self heal for anywhere NEAR 1000hp, especially with no gear. With the gear I was using back when I still used Alani, I could burst heal someone else for around 1100 TOPS. So her self heal at best would be 550. If it were to be reduced in the manner you listed, by the time she’s self healing for a 3rd time in a single life she would only self heal for around 68hp (550–>275–>137–>68) which is less than she already self heals at level one with zero osmosis. O_o

Adjusting values is not the way to go. Heal power gear buffs the max heal, obviously. However, it also buffs the self heal, as Alani heals herself for half of her heal power. Add a healing received gear piece, and it buffs it even more. I was able to max heal with Alani pre-nerf with this gear setup. It’s a bit ridiculous. What needs to be adjusted is making Alani only be able to heal herself to 50% with max Osmosis. Or:

No stack, 5% health.
1 stack, 15% health
2 stack, 35% health
3 stack, 50% health

This would make heal power gear used for the sole purpose of sustaining the team, while healing received gear would allow for individual sustainability. Of course, she would need a little bit of a buff, so that she isn’t going the route of Ambra. Don’t restore her to former damage glory, but inch it up just a bit. With the loss of being able to heal herself fully, she needs to be able to hit hard (moderately), then retreat.

As for your helix recommendation, it eliminates the helix choice entirely. It requires you to choose a previous helix choice for it to be viable. If it were to be implemented, it would need to be a secondary feature of the helix, not replace it. So 30% damage to neighboring enemies and 30% heal boost.

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