Alani "The Lifeguards have given up" lore issue

Heya, just reporting an issue here.

I recently completed this lore quest… or so i thought.
First things first. I did as the lore asked affected 5 players with a single riptide 50 times. Took some SERIOUS grinding, but i got it done. Unlocked the lore piece (talks about a certain interesting aspect of Alani’s abilities; convo between Kleese and Ghalt. fyi) but for some reason, no taunt.

Yeah. The taunt (Yacantav Atoll), which clearly states “Complete Lore Challenge ‘The Lifeguards have given up’” didn’t unlock. I looked back at the lore, (which i can still read) and now it says “Affect 6 players with a single Riptide 100 times” but its still unlocked and i can still read it as if i completed it. Its lit up with the ‘eye’ icon and everything… what gives? Was there a glitch or did something change here? Is it an multiple level lore and now its just trolling me? Its the first i’ve encountered like this. If need be, just tell me how and where to send pictures and i’ll let you all have a look.

Thanks in advance,

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FYI, Still having this problem btw. Hoping something could be done about it?

UPDATE: Posted this problem in the support area of the 2k site and they fixed it rather quickly. I’ll post any problems in there from now on, thanks!