Alani "The Lifeguards Have Given Up" Lore Possible Bug?

Been grinding Alani levels and lore since she released, but so far her lore for affecting 5 players with Riptide is proving really problematic. It only seems to count it when it wants to, it never counts more than 2 a match (and even then it was one time), and sometimes it won’t count any of them at all, even when I know full well I hit a few within the actual matches. I’ve tried in PvP and PvE, but both seem to have this issue. Anyone else have this issue, and if you haven’t had this issue, where and how did you complete it?
And before anyone says a full squad of 5, every time I should be getting progress its when I’m with my usual full squad.

Five players also includes the enemy team, btw. I’ve gotten progress in PVP. I don’t have it completed yet, but I’d suggest increasing Riptide’s duration, and even going for Wet Blanket if it needs all 5 people in the water at the same time. I can’t really confirm if it is or not, but if you’re going for Lore you may as well forego all other helixes.