Alani the new Gali?

Is it just me or does Alani feels like pre-nerfs Galilea but better? I want to say it’s to early but I honestly don’t think it is lol. One game I watched her go highest damage, heals given and received, and highest kills

Anybody else having issues with her?

Nope , nah. Give it time and people will figure out. She is a control mage but does not have any long range attacks , Marquis , Thorns and OM and Whiskeys really can put the hurt on when I play alani since she has to operate on the front line for passive stacks.

No, I played melka and countered her pretty well. She is also super fun, you just need the right team comp and characters to beat her. I did pretty well with Alamo too but I wasn’t op or anything, I got 4 kills and a few assists!

Also without being able to hit someone her heals are really weak so if you are able to dodge her attacks as you get close she can die relatively easy if she doesnt escape right away. She can be hard to kill but it relies on her stacks of osmosis.

She does feel above average, but not even close to pre nerf Galilea or Ambra. The problem with them was that there really was no way to beat them. Alani is good, but she’s not too hard to beat.

I was about to say the same thing. I played a few matches with her and Melka gave me the biggest issues as far as countering.

Insane burst heals, insane CC, tons of AoE, durable, base kit extremely powerful, good dps… just another over kitted hero, good at everything.

I feel that maybe nerfing her heals or the rate Osmosis is gained is a decent idea, but she’s meant to be a combat medic version of Orendi with some CC thrown into the mix. I personally feel that more heroes should get a buff to a level closer to her and Galz because PvE is a huge part of this game and just nerfing everyone into oblivion might make PvP bearable, but PvE a nigh impossible process.

Pfft no, unless she can start 100-0’ing characters in 2 seconds solo she is not how Gal was.

She gets away from me sometimes but generally doesn’t kill me. I have more issues with good Ambras still than Alani.

Please wait a week or so before you scream op please nerf. I’m just gonna go ahead and say this on all the threads saying Alanis op

Dude no. She’s a crowd control character with a burst heal. That’s it.

Unlike gali, she’s not also DPS and a tank with good cc, a strong projectile, silence, stun (she launches like rath though), life drain, etc.

She does have health regent but that’s just an eldrid thing.