Alani too op needs a nerf

so many games, never been able to kill her in any of my games even with my friends, every time we do get her health down to 1 shot, she uses all her abilities to instantly get back all the health that she lost. Not to mention that she can stun, she can hold them there for everyone to kill fast.

She is way to OP, and a simple health reduction isnt going to fix it, she needs a damage reduction.

And if those people are going to come in saying the same thing, I dont wanna hear it, you know as much as we all do that she is too OP and needs a huge nerf.


More nerfs coming. Probably with the next big-ish update. GBX confirmed.

Yup what, @asiahmillertime time said, there are more balances coming for Alani

Wait what??? Nerfs to alani??

Explain to me what makes her op???

She require 9 torrents hits to reach max osmosis stacks

She can only heal once every 9 torrentd hits or she have to waste helix choices to build osmosis stacks faster be it riptide and stand in it or hit multiple targets with geyser(impossible to do)

Riptide dont last long until she put her helix to increase its duration

Geyser is extreamly hard to land u have to predict 3 seconds ahead of ur opponent to even land the geyser

Alani is the slowest healer also weakest vs melee characters unlike miko who can sprint fastet away and can even heal himself for more

Emergancy is rarely used unless u have the mutagen at lvl 10 which reset ur cooldowns… if alani is getting to lvl 10 in a match ur not pressuring her enough

Alani is the most presurred healer along with ambra all u need to do is focus them and they will die even if alani have max osmosis stack she heals herself for half the amount which is easy to predict when she will use it

How to counter alani guide

  • stun her when she reach 75%
  • knock her up when she reach 75%
  • run circles around her to prevent gaining osmosis stacks from torreng
  • keep moving to advoid geyser
  • silence her when she reach 75%
  • slow her down

If ur not doing thus against alani u will lose pro tips on not what to do vs alani

  1. dont sponge tank her torrents ur feeding free heals to her as ur giving her more and more osmosis stacks with each torrent hit

  2. dont chase her as she will throw a geyser before her to trap u which will lead u to be killed by other team players

  3. dont engage unless u plan for a kill dont mindlessly blow all ur cooldowns and hoping to win unless ur rath then rip away for an easy kill

  4. keep pressure on her at all times and keep moving and run circles around her to kill her and prevent being hit by her auto attacks at all times when engaging her dont run straight ahead to her dodge and weave when running

… seriously alani is fine if an ambra can kill her with no problem im pretty sure every othet character in game can killl her way quicker


Also i notice a lie what u said @shinlucario

Alani cannot heal to full hp from 1 hp back to full…even if she blows cooldowns

Cooldowns dont heal if she picked geyser its 360 after 4 secs of eruption

If she pick riptide… yeah that not going to heal her to full HP even emergancy heals are low which is never taken in the helix

So explain to me how this alani healed from near death to full?

I know some healer take the sprint legendary which DROPS health packs whilst sprinting which this way yeah she can heal to full just by sprinting around

But i garentee u that alani cannot heal to full hp when near death

I vote for GBX to actually test alani healing

Test how long it takes for her to get full osmosis stacks to heal

Test her with big allies body blocking her alot and see how much she heals

Test her riptide healing when players dont stay within it

Test her geyser healing when players dont stay near it

Alani have major problems when it comes to healing players… same fot ambra they both suffer a lot in terms of healing

Best to worst healers in game


Kleese is 3rd because he heals for more each second and is AOE but u need to be in range of him

If nerfs coming to alani DAMAGE as a monk which sacrifice healing i want alani healing to be more consistant rather then burst every 9 torrent hits

Also alani have the WEAKEST healer in game WHEN she not at MAX osmosis stacks

Ambra staff of radiant heals more then alani with minimum osmosis stacks

Alani is only powerful when she is at max osmosis stacks which is where her burst heal is and it seems it goes by player health

I have notice when healing beefy targets like montana, kelvin that i heal for less the biggest heal i have ever got as alani is on a boldur with healing recieve and me with heal power which was 1280

But with no gear alani heals 800ish at max, which is -400 ish for a self heal this is at lvl 10 she heals to low until level 7 where she gains osmosis stacks faster with torrent

Alani suffers with targeting wellspring priorities players> minions> alani so u have to move away from everything go heal urself

Alani suffer with body blocking which prevent her from gaining osmosis stacks which prevents her healing big time

Alani suffers when trying to heal with riptide like ambra with sunspots players dont stay in it or near it to recieve the healing for its duration

Alani just suffers in healing multiple players and is arguable the worst healer to take into advance 5 man mode she cannot keep up even at lvl 10

GBX need to seriously look at other healers before nerf hammer alani… unless then want another healer to end up like ambra which is now one of the most useless healers and is rarely picked

Alani is only a strong healer when she begins to level up as her helix turns her into a walking turret mechine especially if players stack attack speed on her which allows her to pop out more burst heals frequently if she not being body blocked and good aim

Other then this alani have more problems to heal effectively her damage is only high once she picked the “wave shock” helix only then does her damage sky rocket but which character doesnt when it comes to dealing aoe damage on clusters groups look at orendi she can dominate maps with many minions with +300k damage delt

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But i notice players dont complain about the healing rayna can put out with certain helix choices and gear D:

300 over shield to her and an ally with a helix choice it also heals for 300 to her and an ally so 300x 4 = 1200 healing plus legendary she can heal with her plasma pulse… she can slow just by shooting u with her pistol… but sure nerf alani right???

You need someone else with Reyna, also it’s a skill so it’s cooldown based, and can’t be used while silenced.
Overshield go away after a few second, so it’s not healing.
And the pulse healing is not auto-target.

Yes, Alani need a Nerf, badly.

with pleasure.

this was part of a test i did with a 5 man premade where alani was rotated around to different people in the group. everyone in the group was a master of the characters they played, not a master of alani as she was obviously way newer at the time, and they were all very good players. good as in 100 pct win percentage during this test.
without exception, whoever played alani had the highest amount of kills, the highest kd, and the highest overall dmg in the game. and this was with isic, oscar mike, etc. She is a support character. She should have among the weakest dps in the game. Please compare her to reyna or ambra in regards to dps as hybrid support. She would also lead the teams in damage taken, yet maintain the highest kd and most kills. That is supposed to be a stat reserved for tanks, not healer supports.

U cannot use wellspring when silenced

Also u cannnot heal urself as alani if ur near other players or npc as it priorities those

U need to face the ground or sky to heal urself as alani


Yeah she does deal high damage in incursion and meltdown… she consently killing minions with riptides… i often get kills due to players running into my riptide when they are low hp

If ur fighting in middle of incursion alani kills is mostly accidentle and her damage comes from staying on minions none stop to wave clear and gain osmosis stacks fast

But play capture and u will not see an alani there top of kills or damage

Actually better yet log into the game and play capture as alani and see how far u will get with het playing that mode only

Alani only shines in incursion and meltdown as there are minions for her to clear

All these screams saying she op she op when u dont look at facts… until i see an alani wreck faces in CAPTURE maps she is fine

To me players want alani nerf sooo much so they can 1v1 her which is a derp mistake if u can 1v1 a healer… that means that the healer is too weak to heal in the first place which will only bring back rise of the mikos

I mean people are linking results of matches… and i play alani myself A LOT i mean kleese out damage her by a VAST margin and all he have to do is place turrets >.>

This is the problem with all players if they cannot kill it 1v1 it needs to be nerf


you probably wont see that because nobody really plays that mode competitively.

Yeah well then alani is fine the way she is

Characters which counter alani are

Shayne & aurox

And if ur dying to alani with these characters… litterallly wtf are u doing D:


She is only OP if you are a boss with her. I didn’t wreck the first time I used her or the second or third. She had wayyy too much health but that’s lowered and now she is killable most of the time. I’m not afraid of her anymore.

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Alani just has too much survivability and dmg right now, with the best stun in the game. Compare her to Ambra or Reyna and her DPS is much above with survivability on par or better, and the best stun in the game. I think Miko and Alani are outperforming all other supports. They need to brought down a bit so other supports can compete. Kleese is where I think supports should aim to be. GREAT support, but clear weaknesses.

GBX agrees with Alani over performing, to what extent we don’t know, but I haven’t heard anything on Miko.

you have lost your mind, my good man


Erm too much surviablity???

She requires stacks to heal if ur giving her stacks… thats ur own fault not alani ur just feeding her free heals which majority of players do

If ur face tanking alani blows then u will get killed by her cause u made the worst mistake ever… and that was allowing alani to hit u to get stacks which gives her a heal every 9 hits which heals her for -400 at max stacks…


She does 2.16 APS. That equates to about 8 seconds for her heal. Pretty short cooldown. I’m not even saying Alani wrecks me, but a good Alani is harder to take down than a good X character. We are always like wow how did we take her down if it’s 1v1.

If I’m looking at her kit objectively, the best stun in the game with 400-ish heal on the best stun in the game is a bit much considering all her kit has. That is the part I would focus on, but I’m not GBX.

Thats why capture has the quickest matchmaking, at least in ps4.

Seems to me a lot of people are playing it, more so than the other two modes.

And personally, I dont know anyone that isn’t playing this game competitively.

GBX said ambra was overperforming and look where that character is now

No one uses her because she got nerf that much to the ground that she is useless in everything

U people need gp think before u say anythink… play alani and see how well u do… alani have a high skill roof to heal well and even do damage

I bet u that none of the said people saying NERF alani have not even played her or got her to rank 15

Im sorry people but u litterally need to play the character before demanding nerfs she not that all op

Garentee u take away wave shock from alani and watch her damage drop down to 3/4 then she will do the lowest damage out of all the support

Iv tested it myself… if i take the slow alani damage suffers MASSIVELY… if i take wave shock… her damage goes up due to it being aoe damage

Look at kleese he deals insane damage…ambra can do the same if she takes the heal sun spot mutagen…


I honestly love Ambra and think she was in a great place until the recent ninja nerf to her heat :frowning: