Alani top kills on both teams

I’ve noticed that Alani is getting the most kills in a lot of matches. Should her attack power be nerfed?

I don’t think so. Sure she has some power. But we’re going to see that for a while until everyone has had their fill of her and realize there are more powerful toons out there. Marquis is still powerful and can do some damage against her, but she’s the flavor of the month right now.

Give it time. It will happen each time a new toon comes out. We’ll see an influx of people using them and trying to make them the “best” as far as DPS goes and then move on.

Her DMG & also her ATK Speed are too much. But like in almost all Games, new Chars are OP as …
She will get a nerf soon or later. Just wait to the next big Patch.


In that first game Orendi had the most kills on the enemy team, so you have one game here to prove your point.

I don’t think her damage needs nerfing, she doesn’t do a great amount of damage with her attacks or skills. The only reason I find that she normally gets a lot of kills is the fact she’s quite a small character so is hard to hit at range, making it harder for people to kill her, therefore giving her more time to do damage to them.

If I was to nerf her, it would be her health.
She’s about the same size as Orendi, fights at about the same range, but has much more health and can heal herself for quite a lot. Seems to me like she can survive in a fight for longer than intended.

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She’s first in line for nerfs at the moment. If Galilea isn’t allowed to be Galilea, then Alani won’t be allowed to be Alani for too much longer either.


She can survive quite well. I went flawless in this game with her. 9 kills, 9 assists, ZERO deaths.

All because I went full on DPS in the build and then crowd controlled like mad (And got REALLY lucky at one point)

You’re right. She just had top score.

But in like every other match she is getting top kills on one team or both.

Galilea is actually a great counter to Alani.

I played Galilea a few times for the first time and I was able to beat Alani in 1 V 1s every time.

I can 1v1 Miko her no problem too.

idk what alanis youre playing against where miko can out sutain and dps her…That shouldnt happen. She doesnt need to be nerfed and gali is still a great character despite nerfs. Ive never had problems going against her…If I wanted to, to “prove” shes not nerf worthy just pile up a bunch of vids and match historys showing where she has meh games…Point being…Just because you show some good games doesnt prove your point. Shes great when shes aloud to shove aoe down your throats all game, your team has to disperse and apply pressure outside of choke points to prevent it…Its not a difficult concept even with randoms.


Wait you mean to tell me that some people struggle against a new character whose counters aren’t as familiar as others yet? You dont’ say…
And wait what’s this?? Other’s seem to do just fine against her?? Hmmmm
This sounds sorta like…EVERY OTHER nerf thread.
Get over it
(This isn’t directed at anyone, just a general statement about these threads)
Don’t get me wrong, if you truly feel she’s OP. Bring up some valid points.
However, I’m tired of screenshots of scoreboards and/or simply saying, "she get’s the most kills!"
No. She doesn’t.
The person playing her got the most kills. Not Alani or w/e hero they are.
Once you realize this. You’ll start noticing a pattern…EVERY hero can be OP.
Commence gasps


Just had a match on echelon where the enemy team had Alani and Reyna, but still they struggled against me playing Kleese as support in endgame (even that guy played Alani pretty good).
If you have a good team holding a lane for 30 seconds, Kleese can establish a realy great defensive line where your teammates can retreat to heal/shield up quick, minions can´t pass since they die instantly, Kleese can just sit there getting headshootet by Marquis and never takes healthdamage and is able to bombard the enemies from range and using his taser with sustained damage to suppress the enemy.
I just laughed at Alani trying to kill me with no success, even she bubbled me, attikus knocked me up all the time, etc…

Or as Orendi i beat the crap out of Alani.

And they´re not the only ones she has no chance against, it´s just that many people still don´t know how to counter her since they never tried it or never played her on their own to learn her up- and downsides.
She is a good allrounder, but not great at anything (except some nice bursthealing every now and then, but only singletarget) and easy killable.

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Orendi hands me my ass when I play as Alani.

But every player playing her on both teams getting the most or second most kills using a support character has to say something.

Not only kills but highest or second highest damage. If 90% of players can achieve that with the same character then something must be going on.

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I agree. 90% would be ridiculous. However, we don’t actually know the percentage and I doubt it’s 90%.
I think all we can do is give it time to see if it’s consistent or just the fact that she’s new.

my beard is far superior to pewds!

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I haven’t played even 1 match with Alani because she keeps getting picked by others faster than I can. No biggie.

Tested her in a private match againts bots. I get my ass handed pretty easily. Imagine those are BOTS not players and I still get my ass whooped. Her healing is not as good as i thought it would. I kept changing gears to test. One thing i definitely know you don’t need cooldown gears on her. Her ability to knockback and knock up + bubble is awesome.

The only reason she has survivability is she can heal herself (again which is not a lot) and she can push away enemies or ride her waves. Overpowered? I don’t think so. At least not yet

I’ve gone 9 and 0 as Reyna, does that maker her overpowered? No, k/ds have nothing to do with this. It’s her CC abilities that are the real problem.

Make us take reduced damage from Alani while we’re stuck in the bubble, and nerf her max health a bit. She’ll be fine after that.

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For sure. I can see bubble damage needing to be lowered a bit, maybe -10% and her max health down as well. But, then there’s gear. If the gear brings it back up, what’s actually OP then? Her or the gear?

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