Alani unlock conditions (for non-DLC buyers) are ridiculous

I’m sorry, but I had to do a double-take when I saw this.
Are you serious, Gearbox?
Are you really serious?
This is the kind of thing I’d expect from an F2P game.
This is an insane amount of grinding, especially considering not many people will have saved up credits because the assumption was that you were going to hide the characters behind challenges instead.
EVEN MORE SO because the credits earn rate is around 300-400 for a full 30 minute, well played match, unless you complete a buttload of challenges (in which case it might get boosted by a couple of hundred).

That’s like over 120 matches.
Which is somewhere over 50 hours.

Please reconsider the price, or the unlock conditions entirely. This is flat-out insulting.


Ehhhh…a little high maybe but they’re trying to push season pass obviously.

Plus you can actually get quite a bit of creds playing and leveling up everyone. Lots of 200 cred, 500 cred achievements to get. Granted you’ll eventually run out of them but meh.

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Sadly I agree, this is the first time Gearbox has really let me down and it’s a BIG let down. This will piss off a lot of people…

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Yeah I was surprise by that. I thought it was going to be a challenge unlock like the other characters. Glad I have the Season Pass and get it right away next week, but they should really reconsider how they do that.

I mean it’s one thing when R6:Siege did this because there’s not much to spend renown on, but Battleborn should of kept it with challenges and not credits once people like to spend their credits on other things like loot packs.


Also let’s not assume she’ll stay that high forever. It could be a beginner price to discourage everyone from spamming her early on and frustrating people wanting to play her and then drops to like 30-35k after a couple weeks.

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Holy crap. That’s as bad as Rainbow Six Siege. At least Blizzard jut gives future OW heroes to you for free, already unlocked.

Playing Rainbow Six Siege, an average win gives you 197 Renown. You need 25,000 renown for the operators added after release. They’ve released 4, for a total of 100k renown. If you lose, you get 97. Your average match lasts 25 minutes. It’s a ■■■■■■ system, I say.

You pay 60$ for a game and this kind of stuff that wouldn’t be out of place in a F2P one crops up.

If you own the Season Pass, do you at least get the character for free? R6S does that, to sell the Season Pass, or do you just unlock them early?

Except I can guarantee you a very small fraction of people regularly play more than 3-4 characters outside of PvE.
I don’t wanna have to play hundreds of matches as a character I hate just to boost my earnings to a level that can keep up with these absurd rates.

You are too optimistic.
They’re already unlocking the character a week early for people who have paid money (which in itself is disgusting for a game that hopes to be competitive).


I earn roughly 1300 per PvP match. If you want an extra character and are only willing to earn it through in game currency it’s going to be expensive. This price isn’t anymore ridiculous than other games with “purchasable” characters.


It is still waaay too high in a game where it would have been much better to not have to unlock characters.

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“I earned 1300 in a match one time where I ticked off twelve credit-rewarding challenges at once”.

At the absolute best you might earn around 500-600 per game. But frequent surrenders and shorter games prevent that.


Uhhh…that’s pretty standard for free DLC mobas.

You know how many heroes HOTS has given to people a week before they’re officially launched as part of a money based package?

It’s not about being fair, it’s about managing the queue system. You trickle it in so not every single player is scrambling for the new character at the same time.

And please, please don’t start a P2W response.

  • Why so much money ?
  • Why isn’t there any level unlock ? (like all other battleborn)
  • WHy isn’t there any challenge unlock ? (like all other battleborn)

At first I saw “the 5 new battleborns will be available to non-DLC owners” and I was like “wow that’s unexpected from gearbox, and quite amazing”.
And now this. What a disappointment. I didn’t really expect anything else…

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But HOTS is free. There’s no 60$ entry fee.


In LoL you unlock characters for close an equivalent of, what, 45-70 matches worth of currency? It’s basically the exact same amount. What else am I gonna spend those credits on?


LoL is free though. People in League didn’t pay 60$.


omg… O.o

If you havnt blown all your credits by the time your command rank 40 you will have more than enough

Also all those “free to play MOBA’s” require equal amounts of play time to get enough in game credits or pay real money


I paid $60 for a fun story, interesting characters (25 of them), and decent PvP (when I feel like playing it). I knew right off the bat I wasn’t getting the DLC characters for free without the season pass and I accepted that. Why should I complain about it when I knew exactly how it was going to pan out?


So, you accept getting screwed? I mean, that’s what you’re saying. You were fine with knowing you’re getting ripped off. That’s cool, but some people aren’t.

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Hots charges 5-$10+ per character or 30-40 matches worth of in game money