Alani's Chrono Voxis Wave Build

Hello every one Havic here bringing you an Alani buiild i hope you enjoyed playing her as much as i do currently. Warning may be grammar errors ahead. Also be sure to check out my general guide on alani also were i go over her entire kit in depth

Gear: I consider gear to be the back bone of a few builds the effects they add to some skills and your self sustain is amazing. And Like all my builds i like using 3 legendary pieces of gear and Alani’s Build is no acceptation to this Rule. Now with out hesitation i will list my personal choices of gear there is one gear however that is mandatory on Alani and i will list it below.

Rant: If you Don’t like using legendary gear thats fine but plz keep the discussion on the build and not your opinions on weather or not it takes two long to activate legendary’s in incursion or melt down any way lets move on.

Mandatory Gear: The gear thats mandatory for this Build is the Crono Key i listed it below:
This gear is so good on this girl i can hardly put it in words every 500 dmg you deal will lower the active CD on your skills. I will get more into this gear bellow when i go over the build.

My Second Gear is The Pacifier this particular gear is almost staple for a few characters i run becuae the attack debuff is massive and can turn down the heat on you and your allies and Alani can easily wide spread this debuff to the entire enemy team.

My third Piece of gear is a toss up i am testing the Voxis Core and Bolas Target finder. Voix to fuel CD reduction and target finder for an additional debuff on enemy targets.

My helix Choices are this is the next part of the build: This particular Helix build focuses more on Controlling and Debuffing with emergency heals then a primarily healing focused build.


Nearby allies are healed when Geyser erupts. +360 Health

Note: I take this helix augment because i use riptide to much offensively and the fact most allies thank its comming from the enemy alani so what ya gonna do. I also like the burst of healing this gives keep people going right when there in the Frey they healing AoE on this Augment is huge great for when to many people are about to drop you can just heal them up and send them back out to fight.


One target hit by Geyser will take additional damage, and all damage to that target deals damage to nearby enemies. +30% Damage, +30% Damege Shared to Nearby Targets

Note: This is like a lesser priority target with a AoE effect stacked on the main target will take 30% more dmg and nerby targets will take 30% of the dmg the main target took Why not take it. If your allies see someone get lifted that should be there que to beat the crap out of them. PS this is one reason Alani can go 15-0 in incursion with a well placed geyser and good team spike enemy’s next to it can drop dead remember that.


At maximum Osmosis stacks, Alani moves faster. +30% Movement Speed

Note: Alani is slow as ■■■■ so i take this one the chrono trigger already give me CD management i would rather have some movment speed should some one turn in my general direction or chases me combine thats with the hast buff from riptide and no one should touch you. But any of the helix at LvL 3 are good its all up to you.

LvL 4 Helix: WAVE SHOCK (Mutation Unlock Rank 3)

Riptide Pools burst and deal damage over time to enemies standing inside the radius. +81 Damage per Second

Note: The Dot Wrecks minion waves and works very well with Chrono Key and Voxis Core for CD mangment one more thing each tick of dmg will reset the dmg reduction debuff of the pacifire legendary and the target finder if your using it.


Healing with maximum Osmosis stacks reduces the amount of damage the target takes. +30% Damage Reduction for 6 seconds

This is great for buffing any one lucky enough to be caught in your healing cross-hairs and if the target hitting them is under pacifier debuff thats even less dmg they will be taking.


Moving through Riptide pools generate Osmosis over time.

Note you will always be standing in the trail for the hast buff riptide gives you and is a lil more reliable than its counter part at this lvl.


Increases the minimum healing amount from Wellspring. +15% Increased HeaI Amount

Note Overflow is my choice at this lvl giving well spring a boost in burst heals is the way to go in a build Primarily About Control and Debuffs

LvL 8 Helix: AQUIFER

Reduces Geyser’s eruption time. -30% Eruption Time

Note i ake this at lvl 8 to speed up the burst heals of geyser its healing AoE is already sufficiant enough for me shaving down the eruption time is more beneficial to me especially when some one is dropping faster then expected.


Increases the duration of Riptide’s trail of water. +3 Seconds Duration

Note this is basically a DPS boost for the DoT from Riptide 81x6=486 good dmg for Chrono Key and again Voxis Core dmg will also put out more dmg.

LvL 10 Helix: TRANSPIRATION (Mutation Unlock Rank 12)

Casting Emergence resets all other skill cooldowns

Note this is perfect for double burst of riptide and a second out of left field CC/Burst heal from geyser no one will expect you to riptide them into Geyser toss down emergence and riptide again for another round of Burst. This is the augment that i personally run the best as again it synergies with the legendary.

Build Overview:

Early Game: LvL’s 1-4

With this build Alanis early game will consist of pushing and destroying minion waves she is good at this right out the gate thanks to the hast buff on riptide and the burs heal from geyser letting her plow though enemy minions with little to no effort at all. At lvl 2 she will get a priority target like debuff perfect for putting the extra hurt on bonded targets and nearby targets. LvL 3 and 4 will give her a more aggressive spike in power beefing up riptide and adding more mobility to get in and out of fights when needed.

Mid Game LvL’s 5-7

At this stage Alani will gain more utility and Buffing tools for alies as well as a increase in minimal osmosis Healing. Nothing much to see here

Late Game LvL’s 8-10

At this point lvl Alani get one last power spike in the form of transpiration and stagnate pools and faster healing from geyser due to its eruption time being cut down.

And this is my build on Alani guys hope you like it again feel free to comment and chat and i will anser any question you mite have.


How often do you even get all 3 legendaries before a match ends or is surrendered o.o

Neat build seems a bit crazy if you do get all of them equipped.

you unlock them instages killing minions drops shard allies picking up shards shares them its all to easy to get shards in incursion i activate the pacifier at the starts because of the 30% attack debuff the chrono key is next then the last one its not realy hard at all as people make it out. I have two more alani Builds coming up so stay tunes you mite like a build.

Well done Soldier. :sunny:

How you get all them legendaries tho? :weary:

farm pve and open loot packs

Which loot packs do you open the most?


Thanks for the tips! Really enjoying her so far.

Both legendaries are op :frowning: i’ve been trying to get chrono key for weeks, sentinel over and over and over…

I want to make a Skill Damage CDR Build for Alani with Bola’s Target Finder, Chrono Key and Leechsteel Brooch. If anyone has any legendaries they are looking for I have a nearly complete list of Where/how to get them (missing about 3). as for Build, mine has some differences i go for the Heal on Riptide for Lvl 1, the 0.5 Sec CDR on Hit for her Lvl 3, the Mutation for Lvl 4 because bigger heals means better sustained fights, I choose the Left helix for Lvl 7 to increase the amount of full stack heals that can be made and lastly for Lvl 8 i took the 30% Increased Size for Geyser.

The Build is Based around casting Strong abilities Dealing a lot of damage getting full stack heals and Overall ability spamming. by taking CDR Gear and the CDR Helix you can cast abilities much more frequently and if you end up in a Skirmish with one or two enemies you can still come out on top or sustain till your teammates arrive.

with the damage you deal you are a threat to grouped enemies and the Minion Clearing is a breeze (One Riptide destroys most any minion wave). Casting Riptide->Geyser->Emergence->Riptide->Geyser kills most any 1-3 people dependent on how badly they want to kill you.

Any other questions or comments are Encouraged as I want to know how other people see my ideas.

I got Vox is Core but can’t use it. I hear they removed it from the game temporarily.

yes just temporarily though

Cool thanks.