Alani's crazy critical hit multiplier

Alani has a 3x critical hit multiplier. I’m just curious as to how a ball of water does more bonus damage on a headshot than Thorn’s arrows which have a .5 multiplier? Is this intentional or is this a bug, and if it is intentional is there an explanation why?


I did notice her crit doing a decent amount of damage, but I’m used to watching crits melt health bars after playing WF for the last 20 hours in game. I doubt WF’s crit is 3x though :worried:

Her critical rate is ridiculous! She is more OP than Galilea was!

Uh. No one is as op as gali was. Dont be absurd.

This does however sound like a bug.

Thats extremely high.


She hits for around 60-90 and her crits on the high end (for me) are roughly 200. That’s around 2.1-2.3 multiplyer which is about the same for everyone else. Benedict has around a 2.8 multiplier though I do suppose it’s harder to crit with him.

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While I was watching the numbers, I was hitting for 82 damage consistently but my crits were hitting 247 damage, that’s 3x.

I can’t say for the others but I don’t know where you’re getting these numbers from, I’ve run extensive damage tests with Thorn and she receives +50% (Which seems unusually low) bonus damage from crits, Alani is receiving 200% which is 4x Thorn’s critical multiplier.

Seriously?! I’ve run three solos specifically to test her abilities and such and my numbers were different. I’ve also hit 800s with Thorn’s crits while normally dealing 230 or so… I’m gunna go test this more. I feel something screwy is going on here.

Thorn hits very hard so that might be a factor

Yeh ive crit 820 wit a charged shot on thorn. Havent tried alani yet. Times suck for australia. Almost woke up an hour early before work just to try her out.

Did you have her Torrent power up on at the time? the 15% when you get a bubble, that might make it jump a little, but i dont feel shes OP.

Anybody else feel like we need a Marcus Munitions shooting range for Battleborn?? Lol


All characters have a 1.5 crit multiplier, but a 3 multiplier vrs minions. Alani hits pretty hard .

Bosses dont count as minions

And 82 is not hard. Lol

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I’ve had well over 1K on a crit shot with thorn, I’m pretty sure she has more than a .5 crit bonus

Doesn’t seem absurd to me at all. Thorn hits hard, but slower. Alani hits weak, but faster. A crit from Thorn is HUGE, while a crit from Alani is mediocre. Thorns projectiles also fly farther, faster… while Alani’s range is less, and her projectiles are slower. Seems pretty well balanced to me.

In general, crits are 1.5 vs Players and 3X vs ai

If Alani is consistently doing about 3X crits, that’s a bug. I haven’t tested Alani at all yet, but sounds busted.

Nah it’s correct
3x for ai 1.5 for players

Thorns cursed arrow and Marquis aa is basically scan damage and is nearly impossible to evade…

Agree with you, Alani’s projectile speed is infinitesimal compared to any kinetic character or Thorns arrow.

It is possible the game is applying the crit bonus from Story rather than the crit bonus from Versus.