Alani's damage needs to be nerf

So every time I play a match now on ps4 with an enemy team with Alani in it, we lose hands down. Her cc is hard to land so its fair. Riptide is good too. But every time I fight her one on one I lose. Her self heal is fine but her damage is way to high. If u get caught in her cc dead just by her. This is just my opinion but no one is playing any more tanks Cus of her. I haven’t seen a Montana player in two weeks. Maybe decrease it wear it doesn’t put ur health bar half in four seconds. Write what u think about it.

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I’m taking a break from this game Cuz of it. Every game has her. She broke the game for me

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What character are you using to 1v1? Out of all the characters I’ve played so far, I’ve only had trouble hitting her as Thorn. Her bubble is also very easily avoidable and I rarely get caught in it. How many games have you played in the past two weeks? I’ve seen multiple Montanas today alone in the 6 or so games I’ve played so far.

lol, I love how everyone just says “don’t get Geysered.” what kind of bad Alani’s are you guys playing against? I just wait for any other character to CC someone… enjoy your bubble death.

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The only CC that’s going to be able to ensure a hit is a stun. And in that case, you’d be dead from the stun more often than not.

Yeah it’s not just simple to avoid geyser a good alani cc chains you into it, then that 30%damage amp (which really shouldn’t be there since you’re already in the air as an easy target) will kill you so fast if she’s got backup

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lol, is this a joke? You think you can walk away from a geyser in a slow or a knockup? lol

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Out of all the games I have played in the past 2 weeks she has caught me in her CC bubble maybe less than 15 times total. Its super easy to avoid. Plus she is easily killed with a little bit of your own CC or “gasp” teamwork. She has died down a lot on pc. Only see her in about 1/4 games I play whether on my side or the enemy (this is on pc btw). Shes a good hero for sure I just hope they don’t nerf her into unusable status (aka ambra).

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I mostly use Gault and he’s a one v one master but she has a combo where she uses the geyser then pushes me into it with Riptide. It’s on ps4 btw.

i think you might be slightly misunderstood as to roles in a moba type game such as this one. what you just described is a way to kill any hero in any game. what you just described is essentially team focus. that worked on pre nerf gali. that is what you need to do to say a miko/montana combo. a healer support should be destroyed 1v1 by many, MANY characters in this game. instead, it takes someone to be playing an assassin character and be considerably more skilled than the alani player.

if a player is playing as alani and he gets 1v1 by anything other than perhaps rath’s ult, then that player drastically outplayed the alani player. even losing to the rath is somewhat debatable, because the alani should have riptide into stun him a long time ago.

I still dont understand why people think Alani’s geyser is hard to aim with, it actually has very little visual feedback, especially when its easily obscured, and probably BEHIND you. Alani’s dont throw it infront of you where you can see it. Shadowfire pillar at least makes a loud noise and clear area of danger because the OUTSIDE is well marked. With geyser, its really only the center thats marked, its easy to get hit by a geyser you couldnt even see.

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Alani’s damage is no where near as broken as Orendi who is an even smaller and faster target that spams retina burning blinds.

Orendi’s damage comes from her skills though. her basic attack is so-so and kind of slow moving/harder to hit. So her damage to me is ok just because of the Cd’s

I used to be salty thanks to galilea, they nerfed her and I was happy.
Then they released alani and now I just hate the game.
Between her and miko it’s boring as f*ck.
Even as phoebe I can’t kill alani thanks to the insane damage & healing (and the CC which is larger than the geyser -____- )
I really hope they’ll nerf her otherwise I’ll just sit tight in every match against her thanks to the boredom.

Knockup no, slow yes. Although it depends on what character youre playing as and your surroundings like always.

Her damage on her q is a bit too high (mainly after taking the +83 dps) and her physical attacks hold and unusually powerful punch that can push out larger heroes like ISIC. Her bubble doesn’t deal too much and any incoming damage taken during it is more likely from the enemy team and alani’s basic attack. The bubble is wonderful in a teamfight and feels stronger because its a stun that actually highlights the player, so nearby teamates are more likely to jump you. Honestly alani is squish to an extent and supports and assassins need more CC in this game I feel. Her self healing is much weaker than people make it out too be (always see 800+ quoted but the heal amount is greatly dimished on self), but she gains the ability to use it too often when she gains the ability to get stacks from walking through flood pools, thus is makes its feel that her flood has too short a cooldown, adding the fact it can have increased duration (combined w/ hp per sec and dps) it feels like hell is let loose.

I agree that she has too much dmg, she is the only healer capable of play as another attacker character in numbers + self healing.

And the developer team just did a pointeless nerf to his health pool so the people that can play with her, still have the op character from day 1. The nerf in his health only affect the people that don’t know how to aim and jump around like a bunny.

If you add the stupid performance of the pc version plus the bullet lag, you can only dream that they are going to learn how to balance a character or they can always change the tag to attacker and solve the problem.

Orendi is a glass-cannon dps specialist. Her damage output is supposed to be extremely high. Alani, as a controller and support/healer/rescuer/pickyourterm should not be remotely in the same tier with respect to damage.

The changes to her health are a temporary quick-fix until such time as a proper patch is worked out.

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