Alani's Emergence Pro-Tip

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A fellow Battleborn streamer (credit to Chasington) turned me onto an Alani tip. If you throw Emergence over a cliff (off the map) or straight upwards into the air, its cooldown will be partially refunded (a la Deande if she doesn’t connect with a target). If one were to choose the Level 10 mutation where Emergence resets the Riptide and Geyser cooldowns, one could use both, then cast Emergence into the sky, then both Geyser’s and Riptide’s cooldowns will be reset and Emergence’s cooldown will be shortened, allowing you to use your skills again with a shorter cooldown until your next ult.

This seems like a really effective way to throw out as many Geysers and Riptides as possible. Might be able to sustain a skill-based attack longer with Alani against the Sentry, but I’m personally of a mind to use my skills up, then fall back to a supportive position, or focus down one target with all my skills in as short a timespan as possible.

Hope you guys test this out like I will!

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Seems like an exploit. I wouldn’t go around telling people about this. @jythri @JoeKGBX anything about this?

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It may be exploit-like, but it’s still a big waste of an ult, even a half-cooldown one

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Mix it with firmware and her cd hélix and you get skills for days

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It’s not my strategy so I brought it up as a point of discussion. I’m not worried that Gearbox eliminates this strategy by not refunding the ult cooldown because it won’t change how I play Alani. That’s precisely why I brought it up.

Frankly, unless I’m a Geyser-based god of accuracy, I don’t see this “exploit” providing much utility in any mode not Incursion, It seems to be to be a sentry-specific issue.

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I prefer using Chrono Key on her instead of Firmware Upgrade. You still get skills for days.

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Chrono key synergises more easily with Whitewater (damage) while Firmware synergises with Go With the Flow more (skill spam) so it really depends

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I usually get the highest damage with Alani because I use skill damage and attack speed gear so it works well with Chrono Key. I usually don’t need the attack speed helix to trigger its effect regularly. I can go with the cooldown choice that allows me to spam more skills and deal more damage.

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