Alani's geyser vs melee characters

As a melee character…

  1. Try and kill a minion wave

  2. Alani dumps geyser on top of the minions

  3. Get launched into the air by a death bubble

  4. Die

  5. You notice the bubble and back off, meaning your dps on minions drops and chances are the shepherd you were about to kill just spammed another overshield.

  6. Try and kill someone else

  7. Alani dumps Geyser on teammate’s feet

  8. Get launched into the air by a death bubble

  9. Die

  10. You notice the bubble and back off, meaning you are no longer doing any damage, are out of effective range and are now being focus-fired by the person you were trying to kill, as well as Alani building stacks.

  11. Try and kill Alani

  12. Alani drops death bubble at her own feet

  13. Get launched into the air by a death bubble

  14. Die

  15. You notice the bubble and back off, meaning you are no longer doing any damage to Alani while she hammers you and builds up stacks, or runs away with riptide.

  16. Try and kill Alani

  17. Get riptided backwards by Alani and she runs away with 30% speed boost

  18. Try and kill Alani

  19. Get her down to low health

  20. Bam she’s full health (and often 30% damage reduction)

  21. Now she either riptides you and runs away, bubbles you and kills you, or brute-kills you (basic attacks). Also by now you’ve engaged her for so long that her teammates recognise free food on the menu (you).

Believe me, I’ve played as Alani a load and do all of the above. The minion wave thing especially is stupid. There is no way in hell among all that chaos you are going to even notice any indicator, much less get away. In fact as Alani I save my geyser for that exact circumstance… just wait for an enemy melee character to attack something.

I’ve also attempted to true-strike my way-out-of-dodge (Phoebe) when I do notice the indicator, and still get launched. I am getting better at noticing it, but man… still comes as a surprise nine times out of ten; or… I do notice it and still fail to get away. I’ve even learnt to read when she’s aiming the skill! (her hands go backwards), but this only helps if I can see her clearly which is rare when in the fray. To compensate you might get a few hits in, get out, get a few hits in, get out… but now your dps is farrr less just from the threat of one skill from one character!

Even more so than other characters, melee characters get punished by Alani due to their requirement to be within a specific range of the enemy, and therefore predictable food for geyser.

From memory the only melee I’ve ever died to as Alani is Rath’s ult.

/yes-I-may-need-to-‘get good’-but-I-don’t-have-any-problems-vs-any-other-character-as-melee (obviously Benedict comes to mind, but he doesn’t effectively cause my death with one skill; mostly instead we both just run from each other)

In a more calm tone, my issue here is only with the effectiveness of geyser vs melee characters due to their necessary predictability. The solutions could include:

  1. Far more noticeable indicator (like Alani’s ult kind of level… big swooshes etc)
  2. Reduced casting range (can’t spam it on a minion wave from a mile away!)
  3. Increased delay (more chance to get out!)
  4. Remove 30% damage buff which I assume they’re going to do anyway
  5. Remove binding effect… personally I would change it to a wider area of effect, but knockup-only
  6. Decrease duration

I’m not such a fan of 6, though… won’t really do much in a competitive environment where Alani calls out the bubble and Marquis is ready to snipe it or something like that.

I am however, a big fan of 5. Remove the bind and replace it with a wider area knockup. Still serves its disrupting function beautifully, and is now more useable against ranged characters! (It is often very difficult to land geyser now on, say, an orendi…meaning the skill is wasted a significant amount of the time). The skill would become less of a death-sentence while receiving more frequent utility. It also makes a bit more sense canonically… how does this geyser of water magically bind enemy battleborn but not minions? Makes more sense to just launch everything equally.


i actually agree with almost all of this. im kind of starting to get pretty annoyed by alani still being in every single game. as a natural competitor, i personally refuse to play any character that is awaiting a patch. idk how people justify playing her in pvp. if their excuse is that they simply do not agree that she deserves the patch she is getting, then that simply isnt really a sound defense.

Nothing is more rage enducing than that Geyser, especially when you are clearly out of the circle yet still get knocked up.

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Just got done playing two matches, first I was Attikus, second I was Kelvin, both matches had an enemy Alani, needless to say I got f*cked. Especially cause I don’t see it coming, I was always in a crowd of minions and she always came out of nowhere. Then everyone of that team shot at me.

Yeah her geyser is annoying.

It lasts way too long, IMO. A decrease on its length and a cooldown increase would make it better.

I know this may not be a popular opinion, but let’s leave the geyser as is in terms of the bind. I understand it’s frustrating but removing bind would make her useless in terms of killing or assist killing heroes. Melee characters are already stronger in this game. Galilea still wrecks, Rath is a killing machine, Kelvin and Boldur are tanks, Phoebe is an assassin nightmare and I think it makes little sense to remove the bind because then nobody would fear Alani. A knockup is not enough to disrupt players. But a bind will certainly make players think twice about rushing in. I have 3300 kills as Rath, 800 deaths and the only thing that prevents me from rushing in recklessly against Alani is that bind. If you take that away, this game will just become even more melee centered. But the game is dying anyways so I guess it doesn’t matter.

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You aren’t alone. Characters should be feared. The only thing about the geyser I believe should change is the amount of damage is does. Level 2 should be brought down to 20% since 30% is kind of high lol

Agreed, about to buy myself overwatch!

Don’t let the door hit you and enjoy your shallow arena shooter :slight_smile:


And you sir, keep enjoying getting killed by the bubble…lol Don’t forget to look down :wink:

Doing fine and have the ability to wait for another patch. Good luck in the land of perfect balance, wherever that is.

Sure, is that why you are crying for a nerf? [quote=“tilyas89, post:11, topic:1513139”]
Good luck in the land of perfect balance, wherever that is.

Certainly not here.

Let’s… get back to Alani’s geyser, guys. I, for one, agree with OP that the bind should have never been there and instead just be a knockup. That, and the casting should be reduced too. As of right now, it’s too easy to land the skill, and far more easier to kill a caught player, as the bubble just screams ‘kill me’ to everyone.

Certainly not here.

Asking does not equal crying and yes I am. Balance is a work in progress. You’re mistaken if you think that Overwatch wont have its irritating characters. But like I said, have fun. Grass is always greener amirite?

I didn’t read the entire post, so I might have missed something but doesn’t this apply to every single AoE damage effect, too? It’s called area denial.

My only beef with this attack. Even with the tinier characters I seem to get caught in the Geyser when on my screen I am out of it’s bounds. Oh, how manys time I’ve stood next to one thinking “Yeah, this is safe” and boy was I wrong. Maybe the borders of the attacks could be made a little more obvious.´

It also had a very noticeable noise come with it, but I’ve noticed I barely ever hear it? That’s what I use to dodge Shadowfire pillars cast behind me. Should be a valid strategy against the Geyser, but how if you can’t hear it?
Is the sound indicator working as intended or am I going selectively deaf? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah doesn’t help that I can’t tell if it’s friendly or enemy. Sometimes I’ll stand near it, but just outside of it to get health if it’s friendly just to get knocked up lol.

A better indicator is certainly warranted. The damage amplification should be removed (which I have lobbied for from the start). I’ve survived the bubble plenty of times, so I think calling it a death bubble is a bit of an exaggeration, but I think those two changes would help, while still making it an effective ability you don’t want to get hit with.

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They definitely need a better warning patch on the ground. At least as prominent as Orendi’s pillar and with better team color markings. (is that MY alani’s geyser that heals me? Or my opponent’s, which will cause me to die horribly)

Also, the bubble needs to drop back to ground level. Having it toss you up and stun you is fine. The real problem is that you’re suspended in mid-air, giving every ranged character in a 3-mile radius a clear shot.

Those two things should really bring her kit down to reasonable levels

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Thats another issue, when there are two orendis I can’t tell who’s pillar it is! [quote=“Misguided, post:17, topic:1513139”]
The damage amplification should be removed

Not removed but decreased. Right now it gives a 30% increase of damage which is kind of crazy, despite the move doing hardly any damage, but it should be brought down to 15% or 20%. Another suggestion (mostly for the people who keep complaining about the bind) is so that bubble stays on the ground instead of knocking them into the air. I don’t like this but I rather them keep the bubble.

Definitely something that should be fixed, but at least with those, avoiding all of them is a viable tactic. There’s no real benefit to standing in a friendly Orendi’s pillars (except maybe body blocking an opponent in one)

Alanis geyser can heal teammates, so you really should be standing in friendly ones, and avoiding enemy ones, with no way to tell them apart.