Alani's geyser vs melee characters

She has a helix choice that widens the area effect for her geyser. The circle doesnt grow. Need to take that in consideration. Just saying.

No, it should be flat-out removed, IMO. Never should have been there. Lifting and bubbling an enemy is already a form of damage amplification. Those two things are too synergistic. It would still be a great skill without that. It’s simply overkill.


Yeah, her stun is simply better than Reyna’s priority target. Leave damage amplification to Reyna and Ambra. Alani already has better damage, healing, cc, and aoe.

And Reyna should get the AoE effect as a helix option for Priority target.

I play Alani a good bit and her geyser definitely isn’t “too easy to land.” It doesn’t erupt right away after casting (takes about 3 seconds and unless you choose the helix augment, the area where it will capture you isn’t very big. The only time I ever find geyser “easy” to land is when a melee character is right in my face and I drop it at my feet to capture them so I can try and escape.

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Well the geyser radius itself is kind pretty small compared to the healing radius.

Did you not read my post? lol I said keep the bubble but removed the knock up.

Actually, you said you didn’t like that idea. This is all just my opinion, but I think the bubble with the knock up makes more sense in her kit than the damage amplification does,

“Actually”, its my idea and I don’t like it but I rather them keep the bubble than the knock up.

My only issue is on green blue ish areas it’s much harder to see like on overgrowth beat the full grass without any dirt. A higher cooldown doesn’t hurt since alsmot everyone goes for the eruption time reducer. Also when two Alani are fighting it’s alms or impossible to tell who’s is who’s. Th bit of red is barely noticeable

Did someone say it was too easy? To land Geyser?

That’s all I needed to hear to know that someone doesn’t play with Alani, therefore should not be commenting. Part of nerfing a character comes from having actual experience with them. Easy to hit? No, the target is just unaware, dumb, or both. If you charge stupidly at me, I am going to put geyser in your path or around myself and make you pay for it. Melee characters are OP as it is (I am a Rath main, I can objectively look at my own character) and that geyser punishes idiots who charge in, stand in one place, or just overall is unaware.

Anyways, I hope it works out lol

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Yes, it does, but running through most AOE’s (shadowfire, blight, whatever) is far more safe still than running through the geyser IMO.

That is true, but it’s the same idea. Don’t stand in the area of effect. (Though as a WoW healer, I’ve noticed this is an extremely difficult concept for some… ;P)

Visually, yes.

But I’ve been hit and bubbled while standing well outside the visual cue.

Could’ve been a lag thing, or the heal and CC sizes might be closer than the graphics would lead you to believe.

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That’s what I mean. It’s disproportionately useful against melee characters and often useless against most others. I am suggesting evening the usefulness out. Less rage inducing for melee, and Alani! (she’ll get more consistent use out of the skill).

I do play Alani. It’s balls easy to hit melee characters. Throw it in a minion wave. Sure, you’re not going to hit every time, but when you hit… gg. I don’t often get launched by her in close-range (as you say, I’m not an idiot and know that it’s coming), but the threat of that one skill is enough to dash my chances of killing her (and failing that she still has riptide which is more than enough to ensure her survival vs melee!)

In response to some other posts, probably the reason I call it a death bubble is because I’ve mainly been playing Phoebe when I play melee. Maybe 20% of the time I get out of the bubble alive (in incursion), and 10% I die immediately afterwards.

It’s probably easy because 70% of people who play melee characters aren’t that bright.

They rush in, move in predictable patterns, believe they are gods on the battlefield, expect 20 kills a game, believe they are unkillable in close range. They whole heartedly believe that when they get close to an enemy, 99% of the time that enemy should die. I mean, do you expect to kill minions uninterrupted? I always make sure I know where the enemy is before I put myself in the middle of a wave.

Now the smart melee players understand matchups. They understand it is utterly stupid to rush Alani without a plan. I main Rath. I love Phoebe too. But I wouldn’t dare rush Alani knowing she can put geyser at her feet and block me off and potentially kill me in one smooth counter attack. You better prey she uses riptide if you are foolish enough to rush her. Instead… as Rath or Phoebe, I like to sneak around and get the drop on her. Rath is great for this, and Phoebe can absolutely destroy Alani if you have precision. Her 6 second slow is Godly and 18% damage increase, trun strike sweep, damage buff inside her slow, an epic silence and to top it off, Blade Cascade? As melee characters, we have the tools to destroy Alani quite easily. Her only chance to kill you is with Geyser. If she misses, or isn’t prepared, or is on cooldown, she is VERY weak because her auto attack is horrible and slow and hard to hit. I mean, she has riptide yes, but if she uses that to run, back off. Not every victory is won by kills. Back off and play objective.

I believe you are part of that 30%. That death bubble needs to be nerfed (just the damage buff. 30 is too much. Maybe 5 or 10) I understand you because I play Phoebe as well. But remember, she is an assassin and a BRUTAL one at that. Just be aware of where Alani is man, you got this

True this, and I try as best I can, but I guess my point is that Alani’s mere presence is enough to make me super-hesitant about going for anything. Her just standing there is enough to deter me from attacking minions or her teammates. I don’t feel nearly the same level of fear against any other character. The intimidation factor is immense. From a support! Which IMO indicates, if not an imbalanced character, then at least an imbalance in how effective that skill is vs certain character types. In incursion this mentally-neuters me for damn-near the whole match (I hate incursion with a passion due its one-lane cluster-■■■■ design) outside of double-phase-gate-ults which are really late into the game considering how much Phoebe can struggle at low levels . At least in meltdown I can be effective somewhere else. I basically only solo-queue so if I am ever going to kill Alani, I need to do it myself.

The same does not apply for ranged characters. When playing as Montana for example, I couldn’t give 2 ■■■■■ about Alani being in my lane (even as Montana I barely get geysered because I can at least keep an eye on her and watch for the hand tells). Very difficult to be that aware in the heat of melee (for me at least).

This all day!

People who main melee characters seems to think that they should be able to get an insta kill anytime they get close to a character, no matter what. If Alani is constantly trapping you with geyser then there’s a 99% chance you’re standing in one spot for too long. The solution to this isn’t to make the geyser weaker so you get punished less but to up your game and be more aware of your surrounding.

For instance, one of the attacks I hate the absolute most is Wrath’s ult. So once I see an enemy Wrath unlock the attack, I’m super aware of where he is as I’m anticipating getting it dropped on me at any second.

You know what I hate the most. When having 2 Alani’s on a team… There is no color coded to tell who’s geyser is who’s or who’s riptide is who’s. Really annoying