Alani's Heal/self-heal button

So after the amount of times i have died because i have accidentally healed someone else who was on basically full rather than healing me is kind of annoying, so my request is can we please have the option to have them bound to different buttons to avoid this really annoying deaths?

Just aim up or down. Problem solved.

I usually do that with her or face a wall… but when you are with a Rath on your face and an Orendi blasting you from a side… and your Benedict is trying to save your bacon flying over you… and you heal him in your place… you are screwed, so screwed, you end up being Rath’s new sharpening stone :stuck_out_tongue:

I could love some way to auto-select to heal, but something like that and something that works fast I don’t know if devs can place it in the game.

That doesnt always work…

Hm. Could be fixed with a simple IsKeyDown, really. Wouldn’t be too elegant, but it’d be something. And it’d be fairly easy to do, as I imagine they’ve the framework for that. Which key, though, is the question?

Sprint seems like a likely candidate, but that might cause as much confusion as we seek to solve.