Alani's healing is frustrating pls fix it

as much as I love the character Alani’s healing sucks.

First: Reclass her as a rescuer pls

Second: Why can you target minions? Who in their right mind would heal a minion with three stack osmosis?? Just not make them targetable pls I can’t tell you how many times I tried to heal myself or a teammate and ended up healing a minion instead and SPEAKING OF WHICH

Third: Use the reload button as a self heal button instead of looking at the damn ground (same for Beatrix’s patient zero) Why is this so hard to do?

Anyway good job on the updates. Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

For the minion…actually immediately and some others have healed the minions deliberately to great effect. It allows for another strategic element in the game


If I’m playing Alani and I’m going to heal a minion, it will be Shepherds only, and depending on whether my team is low or not. It’s definitely situational, as BB gameplay so often is.

I agree the tiny little minion probably should not be a heal option, but you just have to be more conscious of the heal logo before you pull the trigger.


Meeee (right mind debatable). She gets them crazy fast late game and in Meltdown healing a Shepherd can be very useful

Does it matter?

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Players have been asking for a heal on reload since she was released. I doubt we will ever get it


Miko pocket healing an Elite bot can clear three or four waves in Meltdown or make a hard push in Incursion. It’s definitely a strategy for Alani as well if she has no tank to dump stacks into.


Alani’s healing is amazing… I was bored during lobby born and jumped into a bot battle match (before the update) and made a random Alani video and explained some stuff. Maybe it will help you?


Alanis healing is actually pretty damn good.

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The only thing I agree with is to remove minion targeting. Only Elite Bots should be allowed to be healed, since they can be used like a tank if you stick to one as Miko. But that’s one enemy/friendly thing and it costs 600 to spawn, so it’s balanced enough.

Alani can heal around 950 for a tank character, and easily near full of a squishy’s max health.

Also, Alani is precisely a healer and a controller. That is her kit – her passive can rescue people, yes, but that’s not what her character is designed around. Reyna should remain the rescuer, everything she has screams squad leader and last-second lifesaver.

For the love of god remove minion targeting and allow her to heal herself with the reload button and everything will be okay, and maybe increase the range of her wellspring.

@Xelaris96 why the insistence one removing minion targeting after many players said they intentionally heal minions?


Why? Because, unlike Miko who can heal indefinitely whenever he wants, wasting a full stack of osmosis on a minion while trying to save someone is very unforgiving. Minions don’t need to be healed… at least by Alani. I have seen Miko backpack shepards bots, but unlike Alani, Miko could afford to do that. If someone is healing minions with wellspring then that person is being a big detriment to the team.

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Not necessarily though I think you’re closing off tactical choices for convenience sake


Not necessarily, Alani is a focused healer, she lacks AoE compared to Miko and Ambra. There is no good tactic with Alani to heal minions and will not change the outcome, especially now with Beatrix.

But you’re the one saying there’s no way, that’s why I’m saying leave the ability to heal minions

You make no sense. We will have to agree to disagree, you have your way of using her I have my own.


I spam wellspring heals on my shepherd bots.

Why wouldn’t you want to keep an AoE Reyna bot alive?


Seriously people constantly underestimate the minions, even against a skilled team a Shepard or elite bot can really skew a fight


I heal minions a lot… Fat bot>Shepherd>minions, if i could do it with reyna i would Oshield them.

Maybe you have never been ganged by minions but they can hit 900 late game. Alani not just “full” heal them but also give them dr!!

If your team is not death brain the dmg they take should be small and a couple of well placed geysers and well springs should full heal them.

Maybe you have troubles aiming your basic attack? I try to spend them as fast as i get them other way healing only 20k, my avarage wth her is 80-90k if i have a good team 50k cos im healing minions since my team is full.