Alani's Key in Steam Family Share!?

So, i have the key in my account but my brother dont have any key, and in his library the dlc his gone.

This contradicts the rules about Family Share:

Who owns and can access the DLC and in-game content associated with a shared title?

A guest will have access to the lender’s DLC, but only if the guest doesn’t also own the base game. Guests may not purchase DLC for a base game they don’t own. Any player may purchase, trade, earn, or otherwise acquire in-game content while playing a game, but in-game items cannot be shared between accounts. These items remain the property of the account that purchased or acquired them, whether borrowing or lending the base game.

Thanks for your time <3

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So i think Hero Keys, are bonuses given to DD/SP owners, and only affect to main accounts, There is no given from shift code, they just appear in your Comand Center.

I assume that we must wait for the first Season Pass Pack release, and then look if the dlc is shared in the family Steam account (?)

meh, that dissapoint me a bit… <3