Alani's Lifeguard Lore Challenge Bugged?

Ok so I went through the Renegade with 4 friends just now.

I was Alani.

I had 6 of 25 “Lifeguards” done going into mission.

We all must have lined up and let me do Riptide on us all at least 25-30 times.

I made sure to move into the stream every time.

But then, come end of Renegade, I was only at 7 of 25!


The only thing I could think of was because my party generally had full health when I did it maybe it didn’t count them as being “affected” by the Riptide?

Needless to say, I’m quite annoyed with Battleborn right now!

Oh, and @GUNZERKUS thanks for the help!

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Oh oh heliophage!! Use melka and deande npc a deande hollowtiwn player also helps.

2 deande hollowtiwn in middle of melka and deande npc

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This challenge is (in)famous. People thought it required healing but it doesnt. It requires a series of strange actions no one has completely ascertained.
Basically, it requires them running through it over and over. Use Holotwin too. That’s the best I’ve heard (9/25 hopeless Lifeguards currently). I didn’t even actually try anything to get this, I just played her on Echelon and such

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Check the Alani section of the forums. There is quite a bit of useful info on what does and doesn’t work. It’s pretty buggy. Though I had the beeeeeeeeeest match to do it with.

Alani phoebe Galilea deande Ambra on my team

Whiskey Miko phoebe Galilea deande on the other team. Got 12 life guards in the first 15 min


Ernest’s egg also counts as a player. I got this challenge count 2 times when there were only two guys besides me, one of them was Ernest. Missions were the Renegade and the Experiment (NPCs Caldy and Boldur).

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