Alani's "Lifeguards" Lore Challenge - What Do We Know?

Ok, so I am currently playing exclusively Alani in PVP trying to grind out her “Time Blurs In The Depths” (heal 800 with a single use of Wellspring 50 times) and “The Lifeguards Have Given Up” (AFFECT 5 players with a single use of Riptide) lore challenges.

Currentky at 35 of 50 for the Wellspring one (any tips? I seem to only get it once or twice a match despite using it on lots of groups) and 13 out of 25 for Lifeguards.

Now, I was very surprised to somehow get 3 “Lifeguard” activations completed today in matches despite having Wellspring geyser healing, rather than Riptide wave healing, selected.

I can only imagine it activated because I took the “Riptide slows enemies” helix choice.

Would the “damages enemies” rather than “slows” work as well?

Any tips to finishing this challenge quickly, whether in PVP or PVE?

Thanks in advance.

Wellspring is Alani’s main heal ability. This confused me as well.

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The Wellspring one is super simple: heal someone who is low with full stacks. Don’t waste full stacks on someone unless they can actually make use of it.

As for riptide, all that has to happen is having five people be hit by it, or enter into its effects afterwards (teammates entering into its built in speed buff, enemies getting slowed or hit by DOT, etc). I was able to get this done even with only three people on a PvE run by entering it, exiting it, waiting for the effects to wear off, and enter it again, but ymmv. Deande’s holotwin counts as a player. It’s easy to get at least one a match by throwing it on allies as they leave base (I believe someone discovered that hitting people before the game starts doesn’t count). You could also just get a team of friends together and grind it out in a PvE match.

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I’d reccomend finding a friendly Deande, as her Holotwin helps. Or an enemy Deande

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