Alanis lore is doable in story right?

As title asks. Its doable right? if so looking for some people to help me pick up the last 24 I need. I don’t have the time to actually put into doing it legitly with being a parent of a 2 year old and working full time.

Which lore challenge are you referring to?


It is possible in story. Super difficult if you don’t coordinate with the team. Find an LFG service that caters to lore challenges and ask there. Haven’t had any luck on the forums.

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Im curious to know if you can do it in pvp before the match starts, all your cooldowns are reduced, can you stack up your team with like 6 sec cooldowns and pop it a few times…

Wrong power. The lore requires your ultimate. I thought the same at first.

As in riptide isn’t the right power? IT says riptide though.

You can, but I think you need “Ride the Wave” and four friends to get it. Have them line up, cast riptide, then ride on into victory…or lore completion. :smiley:

5 players with riptide. My friend was reporting it wasnt working in spawn however I believe it was and he was just wrong…Ive managed to get 20 just fighting normally sooooo its not too bad.

I haven’t had it track any progress on it. Even though I have hit the whole enemy team and a few of my team members with it. Maybe it was glitched for me.

Ive got 25 playing normally after 3 days. It wouldn’t be an issue I think if people were huddled more theres just not enough melee characters for it to work really.

I am almost rank 11 with Alani but only have 1 Ambra kill. Lore challenges like this are so dumb. Anyone know if they mite change the “Kill Certain Char”?


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I think a good idea would be, instead of “Kill this Char” change it to "Kill chars of this faction"
So instead of Ambra, kill Jennerit faction.

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Just tried doing the life guard challenge in story with a bunch of friends and none of us got a single point towards the challenge. Is there some sort of timer? Can there be only 1 Alani? Wth is wrong with this challenge seems so finnicky in how it gets credit.

I believe everybody has to be affected by the riptide: either healed or damaged. So if everybody’s already at full health (including you), you won’t get the challenge.

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I wouldn’t think that would be the case because no matter what riptide gives allies affected haste to speed them up. So one way or another being affected by it impart some sort of buff be it healing or speed.