Alani's lore legendary in comparison to others

Just curious if this was intended or not or if anyone has a different stat roll on Alani’s legendary
" Emulan Tincture ".

For some reason despite the brush stroke middling stats versions of the lore legendaries we got for the other 25 Battle Born.

Alani’s stands above the rest as a true perfect roll. With 14% heal power, 5.60% Attack speed and 15% wellspring dot.

Was this an oversight? (if so, I am so sorry Alani enthusiasts Q_Q for bringing this up) or a sign that GBX is going to perfect roll all lore legendaries (Something I agree with personally)


As far as I know, all lore legendaries now have perfect rolls. Some are still better than others of course.

I would like to believe that is true. But a quick glance at the other 25 i own suggests they’re all decidedly average. Just warm oatmeal.

It was a ninja hotfix, but I remember reading posts on here about people’s max rolls getting dumped and other’s less than favorable rolls being boosted to less so…

It’s the reason Alani’s caught my attention like it did. It got me excited!

Hm, well all of mine are max stats, so I’m not sure.

You’re serious? Tad jealous I am then.

I don’t have all of the legendaries. I haven’t gotten ones like Toby’s or Alani’s. The ones I do have though are maxed.

AFAIK all my lore legendary are average stats as well, and not maxed stats.