Alani's Lore Work Around


I didn’t feel like searching around on the forums for this. I found a way to do Alani’s PvE lore. The lore seem to unlock during Public Story Mission. Don’t ask me why but the lore does. Go check then come back here. :wink:

You mean the Lifeguards have given up one? Yea, it’s already known any challenge like that can be done in PvE

Pssh if I ever have a group that lines up so we can do that I may faint

I mean period…I’m one of many…I’m not able to get any progress in private PvE but public PvE then it work.
This is clearly a bug but this thread is for players like me.

Um. Pve private works for me. With every challenge. One of these systems is not like the other… I’m in ps4.

That’s good to know, thank you for the info.
Yeah, I don’t have this problem with anyone else.
I’m only having this issue with Alani.