Alani's Nearly 1/3 Health Nerf Is Insane

So let’s see if I have this right. Alani, who officially released all of 3 days ago, has gotten an INSANE cut to her health because people, who have no intention of ever playing her, couldn’t kill her fast enough? He HP now starts lower than Miko and her starting heal, again STARTING HEAL, not full osmosis, not with gear and 7 different helix augments, her starting heal is garbage. She self heals for 50 I think which serves no purpose. So the people who never planned on playing her are happy cause she’s easier to kill and the people who have been playing her see no use in her now. Wasn’t she slated as a warrior healer? Her warrior aspect is gone. Crazy low health, super slow movement speed, no shield…

What’s the point in still using her exactly? If you want a heal support, go wth Miko. Alana’s nerf makes her a completely irrelevant character.


Pretty much wrong on every front.
Miko has 200 more hp but a MUCH larger crit spot, that easily makes up for it. Her 0 osmosis heal is still better than porting back to base and acts as an active HP regen boost, a big one. She’ll make up for the lack of HP in sustain, she gets plenty of that. Warrior aspect is high DPS and crowd control, can kill people just as easy but maybe cant brawl with people as much now.



I still use her. My gear makes Alani’s health scale to 2,000, so late game, I don’t notice a difference. As for early game, she’s more squishy but if you manage your osmosis well, you won’t have a problem. As a player who plays Alani as a DPS instead of a full support, I’m glad the nerf affected her health and not her skills or basic attack. That’s just my opinion. I know there’s some people who play Alani as a full support and are unhappy with the nerf due to making it more difficult to stay alive and support teammates, but oh well.


Alani can no longer remain on the front line with 30% health saving her stacks for herself, now she can only do it with 50% health.

it took me 2 shadow fire pillars and a Paradigm shift to kill one today. That’s one whole shadow pilar less than before.

I don’t know you cope.


[quote=“jerms85, post:1, topic:1493180, full:true”]Alana’s nerf makes her a completely irrelevant character.

Yeah… no.


Ermagerd, however will I deal with playing her now /s. I play a lot of Thorn (just finished off Spry Sprite Spray last night for my 2nd char mastery infact) and she has only 100 more base hp than Alani does now. She stays alive thanks to good mobility and a very limited amount of cc thanks to slow on Blight (which she can also get a speed boost from). Alani, while not as mobile without Riptide/helix upgrades, has plenty in the way of healing options and a slew of cc to play keep away and can’t touch this with.

Long story short (too late), she’s perfectly fine and still very capable/usable. May take some time for some people to adjust their playstyles to her new limits (which aren’t that different, all things considered) while others may not be able to (or refuse to) and that’s alright.


I feel that her heal should be better without osmosis stacks but ONLY no stacks and only the low end. 75 health feels way more appropriate than the laughable amount she does now especially since it is rather slow to be cast and isn’t a constant by holding down the button to use it.

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She is far from unusable her level 2 geyser helix makes reynas priority target look like a joke. She can still cc chain and burst amazing heals. So yeah she’s still usable


“Warrior healers” are an abomination. Those are two traits that should never go together in a game where you should be relying on your teammates to fill in the gaps. That “healer” part will undoubtedly be used to selfishly keep themselves alive as they try to get kills. You basically end up with a video game version of wolverine.

Even if you straight up removed Alain’s heal ability and increased her sprint speed she would still be a legitimate character due to her very robust, best in class CC abilities. That heal was just the cherry on top of what is already a strong character.


Like saying a 40 Megaton nuke dropping to a 30Megaton yield is now useless.

The health drop was the best way to fix her.

She still maintains all her amazing stacks abilities, she just becomes more fragile and thus requires more akill for her to play. You’re now playing more hit and run instead of pushing.

I like the change.

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If you’re choosing the healing riptide and the CD reduction on torrents, you shouldn’t be hurting for hp. In fact, if you’re where you should be as Alani (on the lane, towards your own choke) then you shouldn’t be starving for osmosis stacks. There’s no shortage of easy targets in Meltdown and Incursion.

The health cut means that any Alani has to be a little more careful and more reliant on her team, but it definitely doesn’t make her irrelevant. She got ISIC nerfed, not Ambra nerfed

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The health thing I can get over. She regenerates health and her ormosis is good enough to help heal yourself in tricky situations. However, she seems a little slower than usual so I don’t know if that has been nerfed as well.

When I die and have to run back across the map to a sentry it feels like I’ll never get there. I could pop a bag of popcorn in the time it takes to get back.

I played as Alani yesterday. Tbh I didn’t even feel a nerf. I still played phenomenally and wrecked face.

I did die once in a PVP match. I was fighting a thrall and he hit me off a cliff. That reduced gravity is no joke with Alani. Other than that I felt just as powerful. If this is the nerf then I’ll gladly take and keep it.

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I got knocked off by a thrall as her twice and couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on. LMAO

lol, that may be true but it was Gearbox that made the decision to include a warrior healer, not some external petition from the fans but I think you actually hit the nail on the head. I think the overall “problem” is that people don’t seem to want a warrior healer at all which is why I’m seeing people still calling for major reductions in what Alani can do.

yeah, this nerf doesn’t hurt people that were good with her… it just makes her harder to use for people that aren’t very good…

There’s still more of a nerf coming though.

One of the main things I can see happening right away is that she’ll be less of a team healer and more of a self healer. I already know that if I use her now I’ll have to ditch the two gears I have in my loadout for increasing my healing of other people and replace it with gear to boost my own HP. People are cheering this nerf but when you end up with an Alani on your team that’s basically only healing herself, you’ll be super pissed.

That’s not true at all, we’re talking about 400 health, her geyser heals 350. Yeah, everyone takes the other helix option because they’re trying to get the lore done, but if you go with the geyser heal, you can literally just throw it at your feet and make up the difference at any time… and it’s available at level 1.

There are TONS of other ways to increase survivability… equipping a shield item… I can think of a few defensive items which more than make up a difference of 400 HP, some that do more than that in pure HP increase…

But she still doesn’t need it.

Her survivability was ridiculous, with HP almost as high as front line tanks. She had more health than Galilea. You certainly don’t need that high of an HP pool with a small character like Alani, especially stacked with CC and a self-heal option.

Everyone acting like she’s suddenly an easy kill are just being dramatic. She’s still harder to kill than Miko.