Alani's "Ride the Wave" is actually...good?

On a whim a few days ago, I decided to use “Ride the Wave”. Other than one time shortly after release, this was the first time I actually used it - and you know what? It’s actually really good!

I barely see anyone else use it, but it’s a fantastic evasion tactic to get out of difficult situations quickly. Plus, once extended or if you use Riptide to heal, it’s quite useful.

I just wish I found it earlier. My only gripe is that you can’t use “Wave Shock” or “Wet Blanket” while using it (surfing over enemy Battleborn while slowing/boiling them might be a bit OP).

Does anyone else use it?

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I don’t as I either go for more control or wave clear depending on which I feel is needed more that game. Plus it takes away using the skill toward enemies as it will put you with enemies and away from team. It’s good to escape I just feel you lose too much for it


Ride the wave it good on capture maps allows you to get to points extreamly fast especially if you get the increase distance of riptide

But in capture you normally finish the game around 6-8 sometimes 10 if your evenly matched

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I use it if the other team has a lot of meele characters and is capture or face off, Sincé you dont have a safe place to hidde, is better (for me) to run looking for aid.

If we have territorial characters like, kleese, ambra and Galilea i go with dot.

If agaile targets like melka, deande, orendi i go with cc.

Is situational and usefull. Thats what i love about bb <3

Edit: forgot to add, im training a lvl 15 and told him to escape if his hp gets to low, so he (alani) decides to go with ride the wave, and rided the wave off the map in face off


It’s useful for getting behind people so you can attack them from behind. Most people aren’t used to seeing Alani use this skill so they may not realize what’s happening right away.


It is a risky helix and I like it

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It’s not great, but it’s certainly not bad. Just a rather odd choice

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Odd is my middle last name


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Lol, people assume my last name is pronounced camp bell, campoddbell would make it painful


Wait, it would be like cambel right? Am I wrong?

Cambal yeah

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Exactly. Using its unfamiliarity to your advantage works quite well.

I’ve used it once in Incursion so far (Echelon) but in Capture/Face-Off, it’s really good. With Face-Off, you can level up quite quickly so by the end of the match you’ve got everything you need to make it even better.

As cool as ride the wave is, that right there is why I haven’t used it in a long time lol.

I usually go for Wave Shock, but I chose Wet Blanket by accident and it turned out to be great. The slow helps her mow down her enemies. Ugh Alani is so great T_T I still go for Wave shock though because it helps tremendously against varelsi and bb alike.

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Ridie the Wave is the helix I use when I have to play offense cause everyone picked supporting characters -_-

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