Alani's Solar Sustainment Build

Hello All i have come here with yet another build for Alani This one is centured around Buffing And healing allies.

As always i use legendarys for my build if you dont have the specific legendary required for the build it works just fine with out them and stack what you see fit for her. You just will not get the fun perks

Legendary Gear Used for this build Include the following.

1.[Solar Sustainer] (
The solar sustainer is the main gear alani will be buffing every ones dps with when ever she heals them it add more attack dmg to them and her this lets her buff her self and allies when ever she heals them. This gear has load of synergy with the next two gear pieces. Found in Jennerit Loot packs

2.Oath Of the Sustained
This gear gives Alani lifsteal the amount you steal is given to both you and allies around alani as a small heal. It also has the added bonus of giving her health regen and more healing received so now alani can heal every thing around her by just attacking similar to how miku augment lets it heal every one around it.

This will lifesteal when ever alani deals health dmg with any of her skills and auto attacks letting you net some serious extra healing the healing from this gear is affected by healing power and healing received also.This build also synergises with solar sustainer allowing a constant attack dmg buff for alani and her allies just by attacking pretty cool eh. This drops from the end boss in the renegade

3.Chrono Key
With the legendary all of the dmg alani dose will now help reduce the CD of her skills letting you basicaly spam skills to deal dmg and heal allies helps take the most important CC and heal off CD faster with this build.This combines even better with Alanis late game mutation transpiration. This drops from the first two bosses in the sentinel mission.

Helix Build


Nearby allies are healed when Geyser erupts. +360 Health

Note: Your going to get HoT from several sources including the dmg from wave so soothing mist is not needed for this particular build and a better burst heal is recommended.


One target hit by Geyser will take additional damage, and all damage to that target deals damage to nearby enemies. +30% Damage, +30% Damege Shared to Nearby Targets

Note: The 30% more dmg means stronger healing tics from OATH the AoE dmg will also trigger the life steal on oath and just because this is a all around good debuff to have on a target.


Increases the attack speed of Torrent. +20% Attack Speed

Note: I take white water over go with the flor becuase faster attack speed more dmg the faster the CD will be lowered But tbh pic what you want here all three augments are good choices.

LvL 4 Helix: WAVE SHOCK (Mutation Unlock Rank 3)

Riptide Pools burst and deal damage over time to enemies standing inside the radius. +81 Damage per Second

Note: This Lets the wave deal a DoT and thanks to oath this will simultaneously heal you as well as do great DPS to enemy minions in lane.

LvL 5 Helix EXTREMOPHILE (Mutation Unlock Rank 5)

Increases the maximum Osmosis healing bonus, but reduces the minimum Osmosis healing bonus. +25% Increase and -33% Decrease

**Note:**This will increase the osmosis healing bonus and lower the minimum Bonus and sence there no point in healing with out osmosis stack this is pretty much a golden augment.


Moving through Riptide pools generate Osmosis over time.

Note: Standing in the way will give you neer 3 stack of osmosis this is a no brainier take it


Torrent projectiles travel farther and generate Osmosis stacks faster.

Note: I never heal with out full osmosis stacks so yeah this helps gain them faster and speed up the projectile speed so this is my go to lvl 7 augment.


Increases Geyser’s area of effect. +25% Area of Effect Radius

Note: This boost the geysers already large AoE letting you heal more allies in choke points also it lets you CC and dmg more foes and hitting more enemy means more Life steal into AoE heals thanks to the oath and more dmg for the chrono key bring your skills back off CD sooner.


Increases the duration of Riptide’s trail of water. +3 Seconds Duration

Note: Short Note this makes the DoT from ritide last longer means its deals more dmg heals and buffs your allies attack dmg and reduces the cd on your skills faster you got all that good use it.

LvL 10 Helix: TRANSPIRATION (Mutation Unlock Rank 12)

Casting Emergence resets all other skill cooldowns.

Note: This will give you more burst CC and healing all in one resets every thing and deals large amounts of dmg when used on groups. This can shave 3 seconds off its own CD with Chrono key thanks to its delay is used properly on a large pack of enemy’s and minion waves.

Playstyle: This is an aggressive dmg Buffing/Mitigation build using the small heals from the oath of sustainment to heal and buff allies with the solar sustainer and deal large amounts of consistent dmg to power the Chrono key to get your skills off CD faster. This build has good early game lan push and fantastic late game CC and Burst potential with Big Burst emergency heals in between.

Ok all i hope you enjoyed this build i still have one last build and a General Guide for alani coming soon hope you enjoyed.