Alani's Wellspring targeting hitting unwanted allies

Alani’s secondary fire “Wellspring” gives whatever you have targeted a burst of healing, great ability… But the aim assist for this ability tries way too hard and it will lock on to an ally, be it a minion on full health or a teammate, and wont change for a period of time.

I understand this is to make the ability easier to use but it means about 30% of the time I can’t target a teammate who needs the heal even if they are in the centre of the targeting reticule. Or I can’t heal myself even by looking straight up or looking at a wall because something walked by in the last couple of seconds.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem or is there a work around to get the target I want more reliably? I feel like it should really hit the player under the targeting reticule with the highest priority?


Totally agree. The poor aim assist for both Miko and Alani are a real negative effect on gameplay for me (I main support). It’s so frustrating and not a problem I’ve had in other games with healing beam type mechanics (tf2 for example).

The most annoying thing is how careful you have to be when you’re healing yourself as Alani. I look up at the sky to avoid healing a team mate instead, but there are still times it goes wrong. I’ve seen a suggestion that the reload key be changed to a self-heal key for her… think that’s a great idea.


Using reload as a self heal button is a great idea! That would actually help a lot - especially when trying to heal an ally at max range. I would love to see that implemented.

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I have died many times with three stacks wasted on some full health minion due to this :frowning:

I had isseus with this but wth practice you learn how it works. I wont lie sometimes as alani i look to the sky and benedict glides and waste my heal or i look to the ground and melka gets in my way.

I always look up for self-heals but I really like the idea of using R for it. I don’t mind the aim assist so much but with how critical her stacks can be at times it’d be cool if we could press a button to override the aim assist momentarily or to lock onto a specific target… maybe even quick-target teammates with F keys MMO style.

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