Alegience relic v bone

Hi, first post here, hope this is the right place.

Does a Dahl allegiance relic out dps a bone of the ancients? I know damage per shot would be higher with the bonebut the extra magazine size and burst delay on the allegiance is a huge dps boost.

I play at lvl 72 op0, in case that matters. Also, if anyone has any perfect sand hawks or pimpernels on 360 at lvl 72 it’d save me a few days of signout farming. I’m currently trying for sandhawks and in the last hour I’ve only seen five elemental ones and they were all trash parts and no prefix.

Dude, after weeks of tubby farming in total I found a boss bekka yesterday and even with the torque grip and stock its such a beast. So hyped about it lol


Corrosive Bone all the way


Second : Bone

And congratulations on the Bekah!
And welcome to the forum!

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Bone it is. I prefer that anyway for the cooldown. Also, I don’t really want to run three hawks and a grog.

I’m still sign out farming hawks. Is flying that important with maya? She has accelerate and the stopping prefix should hit harder for raids or do you need the extra bullet speed to hit your shots?

Alsooooooo, pimpernel parts are Mali grip, ? Stock, and gromky???

Pimpernel : Maliwan grip, Barking prefix ( damage - this adds damage to the other pellets…so no contest ) , Dahl or Hyperion stock.

SandHawk : all Dahl parts , Flying sure - but if you can even get the element you’re after, you’re laughing.

Ok, I’ll keep at it. Corrosive is my only good enough right now. It’s all Dahl and stopping and it’s only ever going to be used to farm bunker anyway. I have a shock one that’s All Dahl, but sapping so no prefix. :frowning:

I got vladof damage pre and Mali confused lol. Pimp is so good on her I’ll probably just go for Mali grip and barking and I’ll take whatever stock the game gives.

alsoooo, is the bandit slag mirv good for reliable slagging? I found an 8 child grenade 0.0 longbow purple rarity and i love the delivery and look.

Oh, I like my grenade slot to be slag because I don’t get scorn and procking corossive cloud and switching to the grog is how I like to heal. That combo really unjustifies most of her higher tear nurse skills, for me at least. Though, that reasoning might be because of my love :heart_eyes: for subsequence.

Do you find the need to slag with a SS build? With the constant triggering of Converge and Ruin, I rarely need extra slag.
My Pimpernel is slag though to be honest.

Also , with a Legendary Binder, there’s constant Sweet Release at at least 6/5 so healing shouldn’t be an issue.

You could try a Heartbreaker, Kitten or Hail if you need to top up though.

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Procking corossive cloud and swapping to a grog works enough for me. I go regular legendary because while I love subsequence, 10/5 phaselock dururration really hurts you if subsequence decides to be stupid. 10/5 reaper would be sick on the binder but for mobbing I find the vanilla legendary fits best for my style. Wellness 10/5 and inertia 5/5 is my other survivability combo.

i like having three damage weapon slots and a grog (was using rubi until level 72) so that’s why I go with a slag nade and antagonist for even more slagging. All that works best for me vs going down to scorn and picking up her bulk heals.

Omg, I’m bad and mistook Hyperion grips as Dahl grips. :’( stupid sandhawk

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For Maya, the perfect Pimp is Jakobs grip, Hyperion stock (Dahl almost equally good), Barking prefix. Derch has a video going into great detail on the subject. :slight_smile:

Sandhawk - Dahl stock is by far the most important (increases the burst by one), I’ll settle for Bandit or Maliwan grips if I can’t get Dahl. Prefix is utterly unimportant for me. Partly because Maya cares less than most about bullet speed, partly because of the farming math.

My best estimate (based on 500-600 Sandhawk farm runs) is that the probability of any element is 10-12.5%, and the probability of any prefix is about 10%. We know that the probability of each grip is 1/5, probability of each stock is 1/5, and if you get a prefix the probability of Flying is 1/6. So my Sandhawk constraints take 1/(0.1250.60.2) = 67 farms for a “good enough” Sandhawk of that element (or 200 if you insist on a Dahl grip). Going for perfect grip and Flying prefix becomes 1/(0.1250. = 12000 farms. Don’t do that.

Being picky about prefix and parts works better for the Pimpernel since it’s Maliwan and will always be elemental of some kind. But it’s still worth having some flexibility - I’ll take Jakobs or Maliwan for the grip, Hyperion or Dahl for the stock, Barking or Gentleman’s for the prefix. Though I won’t take second choice on all three at once.

You know about the Pimpernel-Chain Reaction trick for BNK3R farming, right? She can literally one-shot it. No need or purpose to using a Sandhawk in that fight, unless you simply prefer doing it that way. :slight_smile:


That actually is completely logical. My Pimps are always slag, so I default to Maliwan - but for damage, Jakobs sounds right.

Don’t know how to quote yet but thanks so much for the input. I didn’t know that trick. Do I phase lock him or a bot? I couldn’t think of anything other corrosive enemy that justifies needing beehawking . Lol I guess hyperious minions but and some peek stuff. Meh

I think for sandhawk I’ll go Dahl stock and bandit/Dahl grip and take whatever prefix I get.

Pimp I’ll just take maliwan grip or Jacobs with any stock and barking prefix. The three I have now are meh and still wreck.

Questionnnn. I’ve only seen three legendary cat mods and the best I have is +114. Is it worth it to farm for a better one? Since I got a bekka already I’m not as into that grind atm.

Another question, will I notice the difference between a perfect swordsplosion and my casual Jacobs grip with Hyperion stock?

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The Chain Reaction trick with BNK3R is to use a blue Trickster COM to get 11/5 Chain Reaction, phase lock a loader, and fire the Pimpernel into the interior of BNK3R. Each time a Pimpernel orb enters a new hitbox, Chain Reaction gives it an 88% chance of spawning a new set of Pimpernel orbs (which can then do the same in the next hitbox they enter, and so on). If you get the shot right your system may lock up from all the Chain Reactions going on, and BNK3R’s health will drop to minimum before it moves to its death location and you can hit it with anything to finish it off. Very fast and satisfying. :slight_smile:

For Pimps, avoid the Jakobs stock, it’s the only really bad one. Increased recoil, slower recovery. :thumbsdown:

Legendary Cats, no, not worth farming unless you’re a perfectionist. Small differences in the damage boost just won’t matter. I don’t use that COM much either, just for Beehawking Pete, Jackenstein, Piston’s blimp, maybe a handful of other things. Hyperius when I get to him. Not the Peak though, you’ll want Leg. Siren or Leg. Binder there. I’ve used the corrosive Pimpernel almost exclusively so far, with a Bitch for spiderants (hard to sweet-spot with the Pimp) and things that get too close to be comfortable Pimpernel shots.

The key feature of the SWORDSPLOSION!!! is the Casual prefix. Hyperion is the best stock. Jakobs grip isn’t perfect but it’s fine. Never really used that gun with Maya, to me it’s more of a Krieg/Sal/Axton gun. Then again by my standards the Bitch is a “close” range gun for Maya - I play her at pretty long range. :slight_smile:

Sounds like death for my poor 360. I’ll just beehawk. I was using the lyuda with a bee and that was fast enough anyway.

I rember derch saying the swordsplosion works kinda like the pimp as far as creating extra pellets with chain reaction and it’s splash dmg (not the little grenades, but the initial swords) gets reaper bonus. So it synergizes well.

Thanks for the input :smiley:

For a Subsequence set up I would still go Maliwan grip on the Pimp to keep up the onslaught for the entire chain.


I’m just now seeing this thread…

…weeks, he says. WEEKS. I’ve been farming tubbies for a Bekah for almost TWO FREAKIN’ YEARS. Seriously.

That said, sincere 'gratz on finding yours.


Haha. :joy:

I know I’m super lucky. It’s only the second pearl I’ve seen from them.

I’m super lucky to see it. Super lucky it was on level. Super lucky it was boss…so lucky.

It got vendered though because my dpuh is better, though. Lol pearls suck :wink:


You SOLD it?!?

I’m just gonna go * sniff * over there now and * sniff * cry for a bit.

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…I was joking. Hope you are too lol

I’m going to main that gun until bl3 :heart:


Well played…very well played.

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