Algorithm is fun!

Kinda disappointing that I can’t bypass everything to just farm ISIC. I’m gonna keep messing with it to try to get ISIC to spawn without having to complete the rest of the stage, but I’ve had no luck so far. Though on the plus side those 2 “hidden” treasures make Algorithm one of the best gear farming stage with at least 8 gear drops in a run. You just need another person to beat H3NCHM4N so you can continue normally or slip past the check point without setting it off, which is kinda hard. And this isn’t a “please fix” or remove those treasure thread. If anything I’d really like more stuff like this in the game. The other levels collisions are extremely restrictive. As someone who loves breaking games and speed running I would love to see the collision toned down and sequence breaking being allowed, so I can mess around and create efficient gear grinding paths.

EDIT: Not sure why I didn’t try this earlier but you can just kill the H3NCHM4N then jump back out to get the 2 hidden treasures so you can solo farm this stage really easy. Maximizing gear chance w/ only Benny takes about 30min solo. I’ve been getting 10-13 pieces of gear a run.


I can appreciate the amount of work and trial and error that goes into doing things like this!

Is there a way to reach those two hidden chests? Where are they at all?

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Yeah that’s what I wanna know!

Uh, you can bypass geoff and the galactic emperor unless they patched it. After the bridge outside of the henchmen where the raptor bots spawn you can jump on the edge and walk around or something. Theres a video of it on the forums somewhere ill look for a link (found it)

The 2 chests that are shown in the video are the “hidden” chests I’m referring too. As far as I know you can only get those 2 by flying under the map.

OMG even after all these years the devs didn’t do a good Valve Clipping job. :wink:
(Yes that ‘Wisecarver’ in the Steam SDK is me.)

In other words they made two loot chests specifically for Benedict players? Great move. sarcasm