Algorithm's levelling problem

I’ve played the Algorithm countless times, considering that I played the Open Beta for 30 hours and I’m a PVE player only with now 144hrs in the released game.

While in all the other 7 missions you can reach level 10 easily, in the Algorithm this is very very difficult.
Depending on the number of the player you can stop at 9 or also at 8 or 7.

Moreover it seems to me the helix collectibles are presently giving the level to the player who collect them only, making the levelling more difficult (considering there are only a very few “special red coffers” )


Helix points also have a chance to spawn in the 3-slotted vertical boxes. I agree that I rarely get to level 10 in the Algorithm, too, but that honestly doesn’t bother me all too much.

If anything, level ten gets a celebratory “whoo” from me on that campaign.

I had a lot of problem to finish the mission with El Dragon in solo for the Lore.
At the 10th level you get the ranged attack you need to quickly dispatch ISIC. I haven’t reached that level so I had to fight for minutes at the last boss because I couldn’t reliably hit him.

I confirm. It’s not game-breaking for heroes I use but it is not comfortable. Last helixes tend to be quite good or even great.

I had to do that as El Dragón twice (for me and to help my bro on his game) the shockwave helix on his secondary was so invaluable for that.

I’m not saying you didn’t have a hard time. I’ve solo’d algorithm with a lot of the characters for poo’s n giggles, and hardly ever see level 10 there. So… maybe an exp tweak to Geoff and the Emperor?

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It happens both solo and in team. But the exp you get differs, am I right? If so, then there’s a simpler way to fix this: adjust exp requirements for leveling.

I’ve also, with nearly 400 hours into Story mode only, that I always finish that map at level 9.

Maybe not for levelling, but maybe tweak exp gained from the bosses and possibly the elite bots. i agree that the exp gain in that level is skewed, never said it wasn’t.

Farm the optional Swarmer in the room before the Galactic Emperor Boss.
Let him spawn little ones and mass kill them.
This is a place I go to frequently Solo to get Character Lore done.

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